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Getting Drunk For The First Time

My True First Experience Getting Drunk At An Office Party

By Stella MacusPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Getting Drunk For The First Time
Photo by Stanislav Ivanitskiy on Unsplash

This is a true story of my experience at one of the companies I worked a few years ago. The company had a very free and happy culture, thanks to my highly social and extroverted boss.

My boss was always in everyone's physical space and had a way of bringing life to the dullest environment. He wasn't perfect as all humans have their flaws, but very likable.

I worked as a software developer and enjoyed my job because my boss had a way of appreciating staff when they go the extra mile in getting things done. It's one of the things I loved about working in the company at that time, and I gave my all to the job.

The year had already come to an end and my over-excited boss had a lot of interesting events lined up. We had a company photoshoot with professional photographers, the atmosphere was booming with celebration because Christmas was just around the corner and the company did really well that year and everyone was happy.

After the photoshoot, my boss ordered everyone to stop working so we could gather for a small office party or happy hour.

So, we all came together, there was pizza and other nice things to eat and drink. Now I don't drink alcohol, I just take soft drinks, since I joined the company anytime there is a social event, I always stir away from alcoholic beverages.

My colleagues including my IT manager will always encourage me to drink a little, that it was ok and I would bluntly refuse. But at this office party, this was when I let my guards down. I succumbed maybe as a result of the excitement in the air.

Like I earlier stated, I've been taking non-alcoholic beverages all my life and I love sweet or sugary drinks. My boss ordered 10 bottles of expensive champagne, I had never tasted champagne before.

My boss, colleagues, and my manager kept persuading me to have a drink or try it. My manager poured the wine in a tall glass, I took a sip and it kind of tasted sweet just like the non-alcoholic beverage I was used to but only a bit stronger.

I started drinking much of it because it tasted sweet, but I failed to factor in or recognize the alcohol volume in the champagne and I started to get tipsy.

My boss started a game where each one of us answers questions in turns. If you fail to provide the right answer, you will be made to drink a large quantity of champagne.

I didn't mind failing in the game because the drink was too sweet so I kept drinking every time I failed, and the inevitable happened.

I became so drunk and I started laughing like a mad man, I laughed so hard till I fell to the floor. I tried to get up, but I fell each time hitting my head hard on the marble floor. I would stand up bashing my head into glasses and walls. It was a not so funny scene to witness.

One of my colleagues recorded the whole incident on her smartphone to save for laughs later.

I was later rushed to the hospital to get the alcohol out of my system. I never knew what was happening, I just woke up and found myself in a hospital with a needle stuck into my arm. I was discharged the next morning.

On resuming work, I felt ashamed that I let my guard down. My colleagues were laughing while replaying the video clip recorded during the incident.

The lesson I learned from the ordeal is whenever you are in a party or social gathering, no matter the excitement, never let your guard down. If you don't drink alcoholic beverages, stick to water, or something else.

If you are not into smoking, don't smoke because you see others doing so at a party. We all have different body reactions to certain substances, you never know if you will react for better or for worse and you may have your reputation at stake.


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