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4 Scary Abandoned Amusement Parks You'd NEVER Want To Visit!

4 World's Most Scary Amusement Parks

By TestPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
4 Scary Abandoned Amusement Parks You'd NEVER Want To Visit!
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Welcome to the world of amusement parks where dreams come to life and excitement knows no bounds everyone loves visiting an amusement park but have you ever wondered what a park looks like when it's abandoned?

Number 1.

Deeply hidden in the heart of Sonoran Bali lies that dilapidated and abandoned remnants of Taman Festival an amusement park that was built in the 1990s but never opened to the public what was once a place of joy and laughter is now shrouded in darkness and has earned the reputation as one of the most Eerie places in Bali the amusement park was originally constructed as an ambitious project with various attractions such as a 3D theater a replica of the Great Wall of China a miniature full tower and a gigantic Buddha statue there are numerous rumors about why it was abandoned and never officially opened to the public some speculate that the project was cursed While others believe it was due to financial problems a dark Legend tells the story that the amusement park was built on a cursed land and that the tragic death of the owner's son led to its closure today Timon Festival has become a place where people come to capture spooky photos of the decaying structures however those who dare to enter the amusement park are met with an eerie silence.

Number 2.

Ghost town in the skies an abandoned amusement park located atop a mountain peak in Maggie Valley North Carolina the abandoned Park is considered one of the most Eerie places in the United States built in the 1960s and ghost town in the sky was a dream come true for adventure enthusiasts the park offered a range of attractions inspired by the wild west visitors could take a train ride or a chairlift that would transport them to the mountain Summit the saloon modeled after a classic Western Bar hosted various shows and Park attractions included a Native American village and a wild west Ghost Rider despite its popularity the park was abandoned in the early 2000s due to financial issues over the years the park has fallen into disrepair with buildings and attractions collapsing into ruins many believe that the Park's location high on a mountain peak only adds to its Eerie ambiance dark tales around the park with rumors of ghosts of people who perished on the mountain and sightings of shadowy figures lurking in the abandoned structures it's said that the original owner left powerful curses leading to strange events that still occur today do you believe in ghosts and would you dare to explore an abandoned amusement park where paranormal activities occur.

Number 3.

Introducing Nara Dreamland an abandoned amusement park located in Nara Japan this park was built in 1961 and was designed as a replica of Disneyland it featured many similar attractions such as the Haunted Mansion Space Mountain and a replica of Sleeping Beauty's castle during its Heyday it attracted millions of visitors but by the early 2000s attendance had declined and the park was left abandoned it's said that the spirit of a little girl wanders through the park at night strange sounds and unexplained movements have also been reported by those brave enough to explore the park when the park was still open visitors could ride a steam train through the park or join a parade with famous Disney characters but be warned if you dare to visit in our Dreamland nowadays prepare yourself for a creepy adventure and as the sun sets you never know what lurks in the abandoned corners of this haunting amusement park.

Number 4.

The Holy Land Experience is an amusement park located in Orlando Florida modeled after Jerusalem during Biblical times despite being well-visited since its opening in 2001 the closure of the theme park in 2021 has raised many questions it's been reported that the Park's finances ran into trouble in 2019 and operations were halted in 2020. since then the doors of the amusement park have been locked and the premises appear eerily abandoned however some are skeptical of this explanation suggesting that controversies arose regarding the theming of the park with some finding it disrespectful due to the religious and historical aspects portrayed this coupled with the changing market conditions and other competition in the amusement park industry ultimately led to the Park's closure today you can still catch a glimpse of some of the biblical locations within the park including the Jerusalem Shrine which now sits abandoned.


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