3 Quaran-tini Drinks to Try!

by Liv Dobek 3 months ago in cocktails

No one said anything about drinks being cancelled.

3 Quaran-tini Drinks to Try!
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Maybe you are celebrating a birthday in Quarantine, maybe you are finally getting together with a friend for a physical-distancing get together, maybe you have a hot Zoom date, maybe you are celebrating going back to work or just are unwinding after a day at the home office. Whatever the reason, lets face it. Quarantine is the worst! All the more reason to spice up your usual beverage of choice. The three recipes below are so simple that you'll be shocked you haven't tried them sooner.

Note: any of these drinks can be modified to suit your individual taste. Follow the recipe, or make it your own. If you stumble upon something new - be sure to send me the recipe!

1. The White Summer

I first discovered this drink when I was living in London, Ontario a few years ago. Truth be told, I am not sure if this is even an 'official drink' but nevertheless, everyone in Ontario seemed to know what this was, and considered it a staple summer drink. Being a Calgary girl - I had never heard of it but was pleasantly surprised by how something so simple could taste so delicious. So kick back and relax with this light and refreshing mix of Kronenbourg Blanc, and Somersby Cider. It's easy to make, light and always delicious!

Recipe / Instructions:

- 1 part Kronenbourg Blanc

- 1 part Somersby Cider

Tip: Mix up the cider you choose! Somersby comes in pear cider, blackberry-flavoured apple cider, rhubarb, elderflower, ginger lemon, blueberry, apple burst, cranberry-flavoured apple cider, citrus-flavoured apple cider, watermelon-flavoured apple cider and a calorie-reduced apple cider. YUM.

Tip #2: For an added variation, play with the quantities. If the cider is too sweet, try adding 3/4 parts Kronenbourg Blanc and 1/4 parts Somersby Cider!

2. The Pom-Gin-Tonic

Did you know, according to Medical News Today, pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, cancer prevention properties, Alzheimer’s disease protection, can aid with digestion, lowering blood pressure and inflammation, and has anti-viral properties? I think I am going to be adding it to my morning cereal from now on.

With that in mind, throw a twist on your usual boring gin tonic with a splash of antioxidant, vitamin packed, cancer preventing pomegranate juice! You wont be disappointed.

Recipe / Instructions:

- 2 ounces gin

- 5 ounces tonic water

- A splash of pomegranate juice

- Add 1-3 ice cubes as desired

Tip: Add a dash of lime juice or a lime wedge for an extra flavor boost!

3. The Quaran-toddy

Stay hydrated and keep it light with a hot quaran-toddy. Perfect for a relaxing evening on your own or a games night with the family! Simply don't add alcohol if you are making a batch for anyone underage - believe me, it will still be a delicious and comforting drink in the evening. Mix it up with different spices for a variety of different flavors!

Recipe / Instructions:

- Make a pot of hot chamomile tea - make as strong as you desire.

- Steep the tea for as long as you desire with a cinnamon stalk, and/or cloves

- Add a lemon wedge or a squeeze of lemon juice

- Add 1 oz of your rum of choice

Tip: Mix with sugar or honey for an extra sweetness if desired!

Remember: Before trying any of these drinks, always consume responsibly, never drink and drive, and stay within your limits. Enjoy!

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- xx, Liv

Liv Dobek
Liv Dobek
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