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Love Is Love

by Patrick Parker 12 months ago in Empowerment
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Love Is Powerful

Love Is Love
Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

Love Is Love is attributed to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Sonnet From the Tony Awards in 2016 and it continues to ring true for me. As a Lover of Love I enjoy moments where I stumble upon two human beings fully in love. It’s an energy connection you can sense between two people. It’s pure admiration for the other human being who is your counterpart.

Love takes on types of false shadows because our society has conditioned some human beings to think that love is given or accepted in a certain way. That’s conditional love and you will feel it when it is cast upon you. It adds a shadow to the true form of love. It makes you do or say things just to keep the other person happy when their happiness is really their job.

Only dance for yourself, never dance for the conditioned love of another.

What Love Is For Me

For me Love in its purest form is given without conditions or required responses. Love free flows from me to the recipient whether that’s a human or any form of nature without any desire to elicit a response from them or it. It flows out of me as appreciation for all that I am observing in that moment. It’s a gratitude for the presence of that which I am viewing in my world at that point in time. It’s a gentle yet sweet adornment for a being or an action I have just observed.

Love Is Love: Human Beings

I believe Love Is Love and there are no true boundaries that can contain it. There are only false boundaries that silly humans put around Love to use it as a conditional control for their environment and the way they want their world to remain.

Love does not care who it is placed upon and does not care what genders, sex or any other form of identification we humans can create to express it. Love between two human beings is beautiful. No matter what form of sexuality or identity you want to be in your life.

You Are Free To Love Anyone!

That is True Love. It has no bounds in its purest form. Love whoever you want to love. It’s perfectly natural to love any human.

There are many who want to tell other people that this form or that form of love is correct. That if you do not love this way you are going to burn in a fiery hell after you leave your body. Those are the types of people who were taught conditional love.

Love holds true if you can look upon those conditional humans with Love who say it has to be this way or it’s false. It’s a good practice to love those who live in a world of conditional love because your true love can help break them free from those chains of conditions that have been taught to them. Love is the only force of energy on the planet that can heal the world especially when you place it upon those who oppose you in a conditioned form.

Love Yourself First

Loving yourself and whoever you desire to be in this world is the key that will unlock love in all areas of life. It is the cornerstone to building a life full of love. I know it’s not easy, for I am learning to love myself in my fullest form. It takes time, effort, and a big dose of self forgiveness when you do not practice self love on yourself.

I have found that loving myself even when I make mistakes has begun to shift my direction in life. I give myself a break and counter any programmed self negativity with loving adornment of myself. I praise myself and I pray you will do the same in love.

I have found that the act of standing in front of the mirror and telling myself “I Love You” has filled the well of love within myself. I replenish it often and I am less likely to search for love from an outside source. There is a great natural spring of love within you that can be tapped to water your own life.

Love Is Love and knowing you can love any being or form of nature is your right as a human. Love those who bring negativity at your door and soon they will never knock again because your love flowing to them will change them. Love has the power to enact change to any person or thing. Love Yourself and let your cup overflow onto the world.

Be Fabulous In Your Own Way💙

Patrick Parker


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