Ways to consume Cannabis

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Ways to consume Cannabis


A bowl or hand pipe, is a pipe consisting of, well a bowl, and a channel leading from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Usually made from glass, bowls come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. Some look like big black dongs, others might look like a fuckin dragon. Often times a bowl has a second air channel called the carb which helps get the maximum amount of airflow through the mouthpiece.

How to smoke a bowl: Grind up your weed, pack the bowl GENTLY but not TOO GENTLY, cover the carb, light the weed, clear the piece, and inhale

Pros: Smooth Hits, Easy to pack, Conserves weed, Easy to clean

Cons: Glass bowls are easy to break


One-Hitter: Also referred to as a chillum or a bat. A one-hitter is a small straight pipe usually metal or glass that will hold about 1 hit of weed. One-hitters are great for conserving weed and “managing” your high.

How to use a one hitter: tightly pack the larger end of the pipe, put the mouth end to your mouth, lightly draw as you light the weed, inhale, and enjoy the buzz!

Pros: Discrete, Conserves weed, Less smell, Easy to clean

Cons: Clogs, Scooby snacks


A bong, also referred to as a water pipe or bubbler, is a filter device usually made from glass. Bongs consist of 5 different parts. The bowl is the part of the bong where the weed is “loaded”. The carb hole allows you to clear the smoke from the chamber of the bong. The downstem is a small tube that prompts smoke to travel from the bowl to the base allowing the smoke to be filtered. The base is the bottom of the bong. The tube is the part of the bong that fills with smoke leading to the mouthpiece.

How to use a bong: Fill with water about one inch above the down stem. Grind up your weed and pack the bowl as you would a normal hand pipe. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Inhale as you light the weed. When satisfied with amount of smoke in the chamber pull the bull and clear the chamber. Congratulations you just ripped a bong!

Pros: Very smooth, Clean, Bigger hits, Easy to clean

Cons: Fragile


A blunt, not to be confused with a joint or spliff, is a, uhhhhhh, it’s a weed cigar. Basically you buy yourself some Swisher Sweets or White Owls, remove the tobacco, and re-roll them with weed. Or you can just buy ready-to-use blunt wraps. This is personally my favorite way to smoke.

How to roll and smoke a blunt: Just watch this video Note: You don’t NEED a filter.

Pros: Discrete, Long lasting, Stay lit

Cons: The wraps aren’t healthy


Edibles are any food or drink product infused with cannabis. Edibles take much longer to kick in than smoking. Everyone is different, it usually takes around 35-50 minutes for edibles to affect me. Edibles are more for people who have experience smoking given the fact it’s hard to know how much you’re consuming.

How to consume edibles: Put them in your mouth and swallow them.


Don’t have access to any of the products above? Go get yourself an apple off a tree or somethin! Apples are “the best” most common household item people use to smoke with and from personal experience it’s not half bad.

Apples: Cut a hole from top of an apple to the middle. Cut another hole from the side of the apple protruding into the first hole. Use aluminum foil to make a bowl type shape that will fit into the first h

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