The Ultimate High: Hash vs Weed

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What's the best high?

The Ultimate High: Hash vs Weed

Both hash and weed are the most popular cannabis derived products around the world. But what are the number one differences between each of them? And what are the similarities? Which one is better? For people that have never truly been exposed to both at the same time, these can be common questions. In the next mini guide, I'll go through the top characteristics of hash and weed and then it’s up to you to decide which one sounds better!

Main Difference and Appearance

First, we need to understand what the main difference between hash and weed is. Both come from the female cannabis plant; weed is the unprocessed flowers and hash is the resin. In terms of appearance, weed looks like the green buds we all know and love and hash is like a sticky, brownish paste. In case you mix cannabis with tobacco, remember this: hash burns best with cigarette tobacco whilst rolling tobacco is fine for weed. You can even mix it with herbal plants like they do in some coffee shops in Amsterdam. Although that feels like you’re smoking tea to me.

Smell and Taste

I have to admit, I much prefer the smell of hash. Not that I don’t like the smell, or taste, of weed. But depending on the strain, weed can get quite stinky. On the other hand, hash only smells if you burn it first. And when you do, it gives out this beautiful, potent, woody, and refreshing fragrance. And for me personally, it reminds me when I first started smoking hash as a teenager. I’d be sharing with my friends at a festival I wasn’t supposed to be at in the first place, convinced I was in paradise. But I digress, taste and smell are both very subjective and difficult to rate. You might much prefer something that makes your whole room smell earthy. Or you might enjoy the difference in smell in different strains. And, after having said all this, I really can’t forget about the time I got the best smelling weed strain ever. The beautiful ‘strawberry,’ that really smelled of wild strawberries, originally from Holland. That’s a smell I have never found smoking hash before.


Perhaps the most important difference for many smokers is the potency. Hash is known to have a higher concentration of THC. Forty percent on average compared to 10-20 percent of the bud. Furthermore, the purest forms of hashish have been reported to contain 90 percent of THC. The usual hash high is very mental and similar to a sativa high. Euphoria and time distortion are incredibly common which is something that I personally prefer. And of course, since hash is stronger, a smaller quantity is needed to get the same level of high as weed. However, you might want to have the choice of an indica strain from time to time.

Cost and Availability

Next on the list is availability. Weed is much more widely available in most parts of the world compared to hash. This could be because there’s basically no hash without weed, so it makes sense that weed is easier to get your hands on. Besides, plenty of countries all over the world are popular for growing their homegrown, grade A weed. However, hash is most commonly produced only in Morocco and Afghanistan, which makes it harder to export internationally. And potentially, more expensive. It is important to note that I’m talking about countries where cannabis has not yet been legalised. Although hash is readily available in countries close to Morocco and Afghanistan. This doesn’t apply to countries where cannabis is legal, of course. Cost and availability are pretty much the same.

So which one is better? It really depends on what high you’re after and what you can afford. In case you couldn’t already tell, I am pretty biased towards hash and I much prefer smoking it. I feel like even though the high is more potent, I feel more motivated to do stuff. But the truth is, the joint I’m smoking right now has weed in it. So I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

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