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The 10 Best Reasons That Marijuana Should Be Legal


By Nancy DPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

1. Marijuana is a safer drug than alcohol and tobacco.

I mean this in two ways: the first is that the drug itself isn't overly harmful on the body and the second is that people who are under the influence aren't aggressive.

People die from alcohol poising and over time their kidneys could fail. Meanwhile, cigarettes are still the leading cause of deaths and they are still legal. When you look at the drugs of choice so far, marijuana starts to look really innocent.

As far as aggression while under the influence goes, you never hear about anyone getting high on marijuana and getting in fights. Yet, I always hear about people getting drunk and getting in fights. In fact, the only thing dangerous about marijuana is the crime world around it and making it legal would make it completely safe again.

Note: With that said, please don't think it's okay to smoke weed and drive. Even if it's prescribed by a doctor. Please stay safe.

2. It's already used as medicine.

Weed is already used as medicine for all kinds of reasons including chronic pain, depression, and glaucoma. Better yet, it has huge potential to do so much more.While nothing is official yet, there has been talk suggesting that marijuana can actually slow down the growth of cancer. I have attached a quote from the American Cancer society that proves this:

"Scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer" - American Cancer Society

3. Taxing it could help the economy.

Let's be honest, there's already a lot of weed out there, if people start buying it from government regulated suppliers, then there will be more money in legal circulation. Which means more money for... well I want to say hospitals but... whatever the current government is using taxes for.

4. Buying from a store would mean less chemicals in your weed!

I know not all companies are above putting chemicals in their products, but if it's legal I would feel a lot more trusting of a label that says "organic weed" than if I bought it from some random teenager.

5. It would mean more HEMP! :D

There are an endless amount of uses for for hemp, hemp seeds, and hemp oils. I would love to add hemp seeds to smoothies! Better yet, I want cheaper and easier access to hemp string for arts and crafts.

Hemp can also be used as animal feed, cosmetics, fabric, and I guess compost too. With more research and some green party views, hemp could also be used as fuel and plastic alternatives.

6.Cannabis is easy to grow and environmentally friendly.

I promise I don't know a lot on the topic, but I have heard that cannabis grows like weeds. Meaning it would be quick and easy for companies to profit from it. Better yet, if it's done right, all these plant farms could be good for mother earth too.

7. It would help keep people out of jail for minor crimes.

The more people in jail, the less people contributing to the economy and the more taxes spent on prison up keep. It's actually possible that making weed legal could do wonders for our economy in so many ways.

8. It can improve sex drives!

This is something that is more of a fun bonus, but I know my aunt has been talking about getting my uncle to try weed for months and I am very afraid that this is actually the reason why. For older couples and even older single people... who might have never even tried weed before, this is exciting news. I bet some people will be talking their partners into trying this. Better yet, use it for solo purposes.

9. It would mean more jobs!

A new market with lots of businesses jumping on the opportunity? That means a sudden boom in jobs! There would be jobs growing it, harvesting it, packaging it, and selling it. I would not mind a government job selling cute little bags of weed and a wide variety of edibles. In fact, the concept of edibles sounds really fun in general.

10. Strict prohibition doesn't work anyway ...

Any time alcohol hasn't been allowed somewhere, people sneak it in. Rum running and bootlegging has caused illegal business to make all the cash instead because let's be honest.... making something completely illegal as never stopped people from doing it!

Thank you for reading my article! :D


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