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Sunshine in your heart

by Test 2 months ago in health
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Sanso once said, "A person has at least one dream and a reason to be strong; if the heart has no place to rest,

Sunshine in your heart
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Sunshine in your heart

Sanso once said, "A person has at least one dream and a reason to be strong; if the heart has no place to rest, it is wandering everywhere." We all have a dream, and we all have something in our hearts that we are persistent in pursuing. But the road of life in the pursuit of dreams is thorny and full of cold and pain. Therefore we need to have an optimistic state of mind. Inner optimism is as warm as the sunshine, giving people infinite hope. With it, we can get rid of the cold and pain, touch our dreams and smell the flowers on the other side.

  With sunshine in our hearts, we can follow our hearts. During the Cultural Revolution, Huang Yongyu, a master of Chinese painting, was locked up in Mustard Alley. While his family members were worried about the windowless walls, Huang Yongyu was optimistic and spontaneous, using his paintings as windows, full of hope for life. When the dark clouds cleared, the dazzling light illuminated the path of his life. Only when the heart is full of sunshine, the sun will come. Shakespeare once said: No matter how long the night is, the day will always come. With sunshine in my heart, I am optimistic to face the trials and tribulations, and I am full of hope and believe that one day "there will be a village in the dark".

  "The mind follows the world is mortal, the world follows the mind is sage." A mortal is a mortal because his mind follows the realm; a sage is a sage because his mind does not change, and only then does the realm follow the mind. Who can have a smooth life? Who can live without stumbling? If one is poor and desperate after a setback, or if one is proud of one's ambition, how will one face the ups and downs of this life? Only those who are full of sunshine in their hearts can come out of the darkness and use their black eyes like night to find the light.

  Buddha said: that the situation follows the mind, amiable and free. If the mind follows the realm, the sea of suffering is boundless. I would like to wait with a sunny heart, waiting for the dark clouds to fade away and the gloom to dissipate, looking up at the sun, watching the colorful clouds in the sky, feeling warmth and ease, escaping from the sea of suffering away from the abyss. I have a heart of hope, hoping that the world will turn with my heart, the day the sun shines.

I hope that the sun will shine.

  A mother is like a sun shining on her children, teaching them to be optimistic and strong. When they are young, they grow up happily in the shelter of their mothers; when they grow up, they face their trials and tribulations along with the optimism and strength taught by their mothers. That strength and optimism are like a beam of light that illuminates the path we tread.

  Gu Cheng has a bright heart, he said, "I am a capricious child, I want to erase all misfortune, I want to paint windows all over the earth so that all eyes accustomed to darkness can get used to the light." ; Wooden Heart has a heart full of hope, he said, "The so-called abyss, go down, but also the future of the miles." He said, "The world kissed me with pain, but I returned it with a song."

  Different people have different lives, and the trials and tribulations they experience are different. No matter where you are, or what is on your mind, you don't have to complain, you don't have to hold on to it and not be able to let it go. People who have sunshine in their hearts will not feel miserable even if their feet step on thorns. With sunshine in your heart, you believe that there will be bright sunshine after the storm. As Sun Yat-sen said, "I believe in the feasibility of my heart, then the difficulty of moving mountains and reclamation will eventually have a day of success."

  We are ordinary flesh and blood, with no three heads, no six arms, and no bronze head and iron arm. Our vulnerability in the face of obstacles is like "the eclipse of the sun and the moon, everyone can see it. In the face of adversity, there is no one to replace, but to face and bear. When relying on external objects is not enough to change the status quo, the only way to achieve self-reliance is to encourage yourself. As Sanso once said, "The heart of how, into the abyss of ten thousand feet, a thousand miles away, where there is no boat to cross, except for self-transition, others can not help." People are always alone, and when we step into the darkness, even the shadow will abandon us. We seem to be a group of isolated souls, in front of the ordeal can never hope for divine rescue, only self-help. With hope in our hearts, we can sharpen ourselves, and then we can enjoy the sunshine.

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