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Mr. Fog Max Air – Frequently Asked Questions

by Raven Route 5 days ago in product review
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All about Mr. Fog max Air

Mr fog Max Air

Designed as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the Mr. Fog Max Air is a disposable vaping pen powered by a 1100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery containing 5% nicotine content and giving over 3000 puffs. Possessing an e-liquid capacity of 8ml, and available in many flavors, this portable device is a pocket-friendly vape device made specifically for business travelers for everyday trips. Designed in a ready-to-use way, the Mr. Fog Max Air has an automatic firing mechanism that is triggered by pulling on the trigger.

What Makes the Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Vape a Good Vape?

Owning a Mr. Fog Max Air disposable which delivers over 3000+ puffs. The features and benefits of this disposable vape make it ideal and a must-use pen just in case you are looking for something extraordinary. Mr. Fog Max Air has airflow control features and a mesh coil. This means that you can increase the intensity of the flavor and the thickness of the

How much nicotine does the Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Possess?

Mr. Fog Max Air disposable delivers over 3000 puffs and has 5% or 50mg of nicotine

How long will a Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Last me?

The Mr. Fog Max Air disposable offers 3000+ puffs. Now, how long this lasts is totally dependent on your lifestyle, needs, and usage. To put it clearly, the duration of a vape pen is dependent on the amount of puff it carries, as well as your consumption rate.

How big is Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable?

The Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable is a compact vape device that houses a rechargeable inbuilt 1100mAh battery. Designed for the upward and mobile individual, this vape has a juice tank of 8ml, perfect for any occasion.

What’s inside Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable?

The Mr. Fog Max Air comes prefilled with a flavor that has a 5% nicotine strength to give you an accurate cigarette-style hit. There is no need for a messy refill as the Mr. Fog Max Air comes ready to vape. The juice tank holds 8ml of your favorite e-liquid and a 1100mAh battery that gives you over 3000 puffs. The Mr. Fog disposable also has airflow control and a mesh coil to boost your vaping experience and give you intense and monstrous clouds.

Is Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Safe?

Yes. The Mr. Fog Disposable Vapes are completely safe. No preservatives, plastics, or other potentially harmful ingredients in the e-liquid. Using a self-contained battery and e-juice pods, there is no need for you to come in contact with the battery or pod to recharge or refill it. However, because it is a battery-powered device, you should be careful not to expose it to the sun, or open the device by yourself.

How many puffs does Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable have?

The Mr. Fog Max Air disposable vape offers 3000+ puffs and 5% nicotine strength

What is the best Mr. Fog Max Air Flavors?

The Mr. Fog Max Air has 6 flavors that you can choose from. You can get fruity flavors and minty flavors. Whatever tickles your palate, Mr. Fog Max Air has got you covered. Some of its best flavors are;

  • Apple Grape Freeze- Apples and Grapes blended on mint to give you a wonderful vape taste.
  • Peach Blue Raspberry Freeze- The combination of peaches, raspberries, and blueberries will put your vaping mood on delight.
  • Peach Pineapple Freeze- A sweet mocktail sensation while you puff. The peculiar sugary flavor of the peach and pineapple gives you the classic touch on tongues.
  • Peach Strawberry Watermelon Freeze- Some tastes take you back to an ecstatic mood. Vape on the flavor of these three fruity blends to get quick rejuvenation.
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Freeze-Why ask for more? The taste of Berries and cherries taste is enough to define your cloud hits.
  • Watermelon Kiwi Freeze- Back to the tropics while you vape on the taste of chilling kiwis and watermelons.

How to know if my Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable is finished/empty?

There are certain things to look out for. If the vapor is thin and tasteless, or the vapor tastes charred or burnt, or you take a draw but the device is still cold in your hand, then, the device is done and needs to be thrown out. Reduced vape production and thin flavors are typical of pre-filled devices.

If you notice any of these things, it is time to throw them out and get a new one.

Why is My vape hot?

A possible reason for your Mr. Fog Max Air being hot is that something is preventing your coil from soaking up and vaporizing e-liquid effectively. When this happens, the coil gets really hot because of all the energy that your device is producing and there is no juice to absorb the heat. This causes the temperature of your device to rise quickly.

Can I recharge my Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable?

The Mr. Fog Max Air disposable is a disposable vape in every sense in that it comes ready to vape, prefilled with e-liquid, and fully charged to give you 1700+ puffs. When the vape juice tank is empty, you have to throw out your device, because you can't refill it. However, if the battery is down, you can recharge the Mr. Fog because it is equipped with a rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery.

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