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Mini Series: Why I Smoke Pot...

by Stormie 3 months ago in health

Because It's My Medicine

My pot helps me chase my dreams

I would like to welcome you to my own personal mini-series; well… it could end up being a maxi series or a novel if I am not careful, hahaha. I would like to use these stories to share an experience, a lesson or two and most definitely to get some things off my chest and out of my head.

I figured I would start this first one with the most important reason on why I smoke pot… it has saved my life…literally and has improved my quality of life, unlike the life I would have had if I had taken a different route with my personal health…shit… honestly..I would have been dead by now if it wasn’t for cannabis. The pills I was prescribed were a Molotov cocktail awaiting destruction within my body. Many of them recalled due to death. It seemed that nobody really cared, except my husband, my kids and me.

My journey gaining control over my health has been a long painful one, full of discrimination, fighting with health professionals over my right to choose, but I wouldn’t change any of it. I learned a lot about myself, my body, other alternatives to healing other than the standard taking of a pill, to just take another pill, to just take another pill to fix the damage that the previous pills did. The whole experience has made me much wiser to the Big Pharma game and I am not playing anymore. I definitely encourage others to take control of their bodies and do research… research… research, I can’t state this enough. Do not be afraid to ask questions, stand up for your rights, and demand answers and solutions, not band-aids and temporary fixes. You deserve better than that. Explore all options. Your health is your priority. I am not just talking about using cannabis as medicine; I also have had to incorporate lifestyle changes, dietary changes and even used cannabis to give up cigarettes after 35 years. It is an overall metamorphosis, not just a single change.

Getting ready for the day

Let’s get back to why I smoke pot, hahaha, I hurt, plain and simple. I spend my time suffering from chronic pain due to severe Cervical Stenosis/Spinal Stenosis; my right side is way more worn out and narrowed than the left. Rheumatoid Arthritis is on the list, so I am constantly dealing with fluid weight on my joints, or these weird fucking bone bumps that pop up out of nowhere that hurt like a bitch, which doesn’t feel very good on any structure, let alone, this one. Some days I swear I am part of some sadistic water torture on top of everything else going on. I am also the proud owner of Disc Degenerative disease. So, the parts that are holding enough water to flood the Sahara combined with the parts narrowing away to nothing, we add shattering bone fragments in my body turning my skeletal system to a dusty wasteland of nothing, well… not exactly nothing… cause I feel those little fucking pieces when they hit a nerve. Fibromyalgia is the lovely end prize I received as a result of my priors. I am constantly fighting sharp shooting pains, sometimes muscle spasms and some really extreme cramping in my hands and feet…shit… it even drives my organs crazy on occasion. Causing digestive issues, migraines, blood pressure irregularities, dizziness, nausea, vision issues, or whatever else my body wants to dish up for the day. My body is pretty good at keeping me guessing.

My hand deciding to seize up out of nowhere

It sounds crazy that I make light of all that I have, but what I am going to do…lie down and give up? No, momma did not raise a quitter. Some days are better than others and the worse days aren’t even so bad if I have my cannabis, the love and support of my family and can take a moment to get a good rest. My life is way better than the alternative…a listless, lifeless existence where I still feel the pain and the meds I would have to take are shutting down my organs and my days are full of doctor visits, depression and overall sadness. Yeah, I will take Cannabis any day over all that crap.

my favorite ritual

Now when I say I smoke pot for my medicine, I mean this on so many levels in the literal sense of the phrase. I smoke flower, bubble hash, rosin, other concentrates, I dab, I vape, I ingest either edibles I bake or Cannacaps that I make. I slather my body from head to feet with cannabis infused Shea butter lotion; I even put tincture in my teas. Honestly, I would not be surprised if I bled green. I generally start my morning off with a nice hand rolled joint as I get my body and mind warmed up for the day ahead. I chase that with a Cannacap and a full glass of lemon water to get the insides on the same page. My Cannacaps are made from the sugar trim from our cannabis plants and I grind them into powder after I have decarboxylated (heat to activate cannabinoids). I add beneficial ingredients like turmeric powder for inflammation, cinnamon for digestive health and for stronger activation and longer relief I may add, black pepper, flax, chai cayenne pepper. I stuff all that herbal goodness into a vegan tapioca capsule and pop it on the daily. I start with one in the morning and one at night. The great thing is that if it is a bad day for me physically, I can pop a handful and not worry about killing myself, I will definitely go back to sleep, but I will be waking up from it. I started making these when eating sweets became too much, you know how edibles seem to come as candy, cookies, brownies, etc. don’t trip I do like all those things infused with weed, but it is tough to eat that every day, twice a day and sometimes I am not hungry and feel nauseas so the cap idea was born and I haven’t looked back. Besides aren’t we already predisposed to take a damn pill anyways???

My Cannacaps

Sometimes when the going gets too tough, I will dose myself with a glycerin based infused tincture in a cup of hot tea to further aid activation. I will say that tincture is not one of my favorites, hahaha, I am not a big fan of the taste but I am going for effectiveness way more than flavor at that point. Eating cannabis it my most effective way to get thru my day, a beautiful soul who is no longer with us on this plain, made me a shirt stencil that states, “you have to eat it to beat it”, he is absolutely correct.

Smoking cannabis gives me that immediate surface relief, but it ends pretty quickly, especially when I take dabs. Now the form of dabbing will kick pains ass real quick, right now but the effect don’t last very long so I generally chase a dab with a joint and use the flower power to level it out and extend my body high. It may seem like a lot but when you deal with what I deal with, this really isn’t shit.

The Chuggler from Nobody Glass- Love this beast

Gems with Terp Sauce

I will admit that for my own personal pleasure, I love to smoke good old fashioned ice extracted bubble hash, now that is some relief that feels good, tastes good and lasts for a good amount of time for a surface relief method. It just isn’t viable for the cost so I use it as a last resort and use sparingly when I have it, kind of like having a stash of Vicodin for emergencies hahaha.

My Not so guilty pleasure- Strawberry Tourmaline Hash pipe, good vibes to go with the high.

Bubble Hash infused with CBD Crystals- my kind of Meds

Another surface way to combat my issues is coating my body in infused Shea butter lotion, which I absolutely love to do, my skin feels so fucking smooth and my adult acne is gone and it even helped with my eczema. I have a cabinet full of assorted essential herbal oils to add to help aid with muscle pains, joint pains, brain pains, sinus pains, whatever pains.

Now, I will admit that even though I have made many life style changes, dietary changes, daily routine changes and have leaned towards natural healing and health, I still have days that nothing seems to work, but that is okay those days are few and far between and like I stated before, I wouldn’t change a thing. My bad days still don’t add up anywhere close to the side effects and other issues I could have if I had taken the other route. I will stick to my path and continue to smoke my weed and live to find many more reasons to smoke it and share those stories with you all. I am neither afraid nor ashamed of my medicinal cannabis use. I believe it is my job to share my experience and stories with everyone and be a part of normalizing cannabis use and other forms of alternative healthcare and forever change the stigma that is attached to this healing plant. I hope to awaken curiosity and encourage you to ask questions, to research and take control of your body and your health and maybe you may find a reason to smoke pot too.



Empath,Energy/Light worker, the blunt friend you were warned about, but probably need.

Love From My Family & Friends Keeps Me Grounded,

My Cannabis Use Keeps Me Sane.

I Am Here To Leave My Mark On This Planet

NOT To Leave A Stain.

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