How Smoking Marijuana Brought Us Closer

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How Smoking Marijuana Brought Us Closer

Originally, myself, my brother and sister were never as close. I truly believe that our relationship with one another when we were younger was toxic. We tended to get into arguments with each other over the stupidest things you could imagine; this one time, they fought over who got to watch what on TV. That fight ended up with a bloody nose and my siblings not talking to each other for a couple of weeks. As kids, we always fought, with no sign of a compromise. Maybe it was the way we were raised or maybe it was our genetics, but we were always fighting when we weren't getting along. We fought and fought, and someone always ended up crying. Maybe it was because there were three of us, competing with one another, or maybe it was just because we hated each other. But our sibling relationship was disastrous.

I remember the first time we all smoked together, and to be honest, it wasn't as exciting and special as I would've imagined. It was back when I was still in high school and my siblings were introducing themselves to the drug world. They'd come home baked out of their minds and ask me the usual questions, like, "Do I smell? Are my eyes red? Do I look high?" and so on. At the time, I didn't see eye to eye with them on smoking marijuana. I personally saw no benefit in smoking and didn't know why my siblings liked it so much. One day after school, I come home and as usual, my siblings were in their rooms, doing their own thing. About a half hour later, I heard my brother come out of his room and knock on my sister's door. He then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to come out for a smoke. They then started to walk towards my room, and as both of them stood in the hallway, they both hoped that I would finally join this time.

Previously, I always turned down the option to go smoke with them because I just had no interest in it. But the more times they asked me if I wanted to step outside for a smoke, the more curious I grew. From what my brother told me, smoking eased his nerves, made everything he ate better, and made his naps more satisfying. As he continued down his list, I still did not feel the need to smoke weed. But my curiosity got the best of me and I fell under peer pressure and finally decided to join them. So this was it. As the three of us walked down the hallway and out to go smoke, I started to reminisce about us when we were younger. I always think back to this one time we would make shadow puppets with our hands. It was back when we all slept in the same room, in a bunk bed, two on the bottom, one on the top. We'd go around, making different animals with our hands, and make each other guess what we were making. Now in the present, we were outside passing around a joint and making each other laugh.

After a long week of work, we come together and smoke a joint together. We usually update each other on our lives and what's going on in them. To us, we really need it. Life can be stressful, and most of the time, it is. But to get together and smoke our troubles away it is something you should really cherish. One of my favorite memories was during a summer night. The sun was setting, and the weather was just right. We ended up climbing the roof of our house to watch the sunset and smoke a joint together. It was perfect. I remember we talked about some dumb stuff that really had no significance, but we were happy and that's all that mattered.

All I can say is: if you're having problems with a sibling, try smoking a joint with them. It could potentially change your whole view of your sibling and possibly bring you closer than ever.

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