How Marijuana Has Helped Me Mentally

by James E. about a year ago in health

My Experience with Using Medical Marijuana to Cope with Day-to-Day Life

How Marijuana Has Helped Me Mentally

Marijuana has helped me mentally for several years now. I have an array of mental scars and pain due to past traumas and mental illnesses. I was abused in several ways as a child and it has taken a toll that has carried through into adulthood. PTSD is a serious illness and I am lucky to have a less severe form than most Americans. There have been times that I have felt so low due to these traumas that I have had to be hospitalized and put on so many medications that absolutely do not help. Sure, depression medication can help to a certain degree. Mood stabilizers can help to balance between the highs and the lows. But nothing can really take away that pain and trauma, not even marijuana. However, the medications that physicians push can fry your brain and numb you into someone that you do not even recognize. For me using marijuana as a medicinal alternative has been life-changing.

I used to walk through life allowing everything to pass me by. I was just a fly on the wall in the bigger picture, at least that is how I felt. I was numb from the medication and had no motivation to push myself forward to be a better person. My anxiety was crippling, and I still struggle with this from time to time, to the point where I had the hardest time going into a grocery store to buy a single item. When I first started smoking marijuana I was searching for an alternative to the medication I was on to help with my anxiety. I did not like this pill, and I despised the way it made me feel. Now everyone knows everything is better in moderation, and it took me several months to be able to moderate how much I was smoking to be able to tell if it was benefiting my mental state.

After trying several ways to consume marijuana I found that the most effective form is through vaping. It is more cost-effective as well as requiring less consumption. One or two hits off of my vape pen and I am set for most of the day. I feel more relaxed and find myself less focused on the negative aspects of life and more focused on moving forward with my life. I have more motivation than I did several years ago and find myself putting my story out there with confidence in hopes that I can reach out to others and help them on their journey. I also sleep better at night and my nightmares have greatly reduced. When I do have trouble falling asleep, I simply just have to take a hit off my pen, and, within a half hour, I’m out like a light! I still have pain from my past, but it is getting easier to cope with every single day.

Now marijuana is not a cure-all, and you should always do your research when trying to decide if medicinal marijuana is a good alternative for your health needs. I am happy to have been able to find good use with this alternative and my journey towards better mental clarity and healing. I have come a long way from the scared little individual I once was. My advice is, if you are considering medical marijuana, you should always consult your physician first and go about it the proper and legal way for your state of residence. Going about it the legal way is the most beneficial and will also keep you out of trouble. Unfortunately, in many states, marijuana is still completely illegal, and others it is only available medically.

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