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Episode 1

I talked to people I know who have tried marijuana a few times, smoke it on a daily basis, and everything in between. Here is the first story (hopefully there's more) of one of the people I interviewed about their funny experience with marijuana!

The text you are about to read is intended for adults and mature audiences...

Hannah—Hannah had just lost this art contest. She doesn't have plans to be an artist and did not expect, by any means, to come close to winning the competition. However, she had built up a little hope that maybe she would get in the top ten. When she didn't come near her goal, she was bummed. She went to her best friend Amanda's house that night to hang out. There was a party in a house a couple of blocks away, and Amanda wanted to go badly, but Hannah wasn't so sure. She had been to small "get togethers" before, but nothing that big. She thought that it might cheer her up, decided it wouldn't be a big deal, and that they'd go later that night.

When they arrived at the party, it wasn't that big of a shock to Hannah. It was kind of what she expected. A bunch of teenagers and younger adults drinking, talking, vaping, and playing games... You know, the stuff you might see at your average party. She tried a shot of "something strong" and that turned her off to the idea of alcohol in general. So, feeling annoyed that she was even there, she went outside to a little patio area where there were some other people. She thought maybe Amanda had went out there for some reason. When she went outside, she could hear Amanda talking and laughing with someone, but she couldn't see her due to the dense crowd of people standing in between them. She tried to push her way to Amanda's voice, but it was taking some time. Then she started to recognize the other voice talking to Amanda. She figured that it was coincidence, and kept pushing forward. When she finally broke through the crowd, her jaw dropped. Her dad was laughing and coughing intensely after taking a massive hit on a bong.

Now, let's make one thing clear here... Hannah's dad is a cop, who talks shit about his ex-wife saying that "she's an unproductive pothead." Hannah's dad, being as baked as he was, was thrilled to see his daughter. At first, she was furious. How could he say the things about her mom if he also smoked weed? Her dad had to explain to her that he only said those things to scare Hannah from getting involved with those activities at such a young age, but since she was getting older (17, almost 18 at the time), he was going to stop with all the smear talking. He also fessed up that when he called her mom a raging stoner, that he was often high, and he thought it was funny.

When she asked him why that was funny to him, he simply replied, "Iron."

Confused, she responded, "Do you mean irony?"

He just laughed and asked her to come take a seat. And after a long talk, Hannah calmed down, and realized that it wasn't a big deal. She really doesn't like drama or intense conflict, and simply let it go (I wish I had that superpower). Hannah sat with her dad and Amanda. She took her first ever hit of weed and just relaxed.

Fast forward two hours. Hannah and her dad are still talking, but now they're also joking around. Then after they both zoned out for ten minutes, they realized Amanda was gone. Hannah looked around for her friend, and when she turned around, Amanda was sitting in the pool with all of her clothes on. She had seen a dead rat floating around, and wanted to try and revive it (just to be clear, Amanda is also drunk). Hannah and a guy from the party helped get Amanda out of the pool. When Amanda, was drying off, and her dad had finally left (to go to work), the two friends decided it was time to go home. After arriving back at Amanda's house, they snuck upstairs and went into Amanda's room. The two girls continued to giggle and watch The Office all night long, until they finally both dozed off, and Hannah's first (and weirdest to date) party had come to an end.

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