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Drug use in men can lead to impotence

Drug use in men can lead to impotence

Drug use in men can lead to impotence

Hemp is a plant of the cannabis family. In China, at least, marijuana's original use was completely unrelated to medicine, and it has long been used as a source of plant fiber. To this day, hemp is still an important textile material and rope-making material. Of course, this use is not limited to China.

In fact, a potent strain of cannabis was probably developed in India. Like poppies, the anesthetic cannabis leaf has been touted as a cure-all, believed to speed up thinking, improve sleep, relieve fever, treat diarrhea, and even, for a time, leprosy. Although it is impossible to know when cannabis first took over the human mind, intact leaves and some fruit have been found in central Asian tombs dating back at least 500 BC.

Heavy or long-term use of cannabis can cause serious damage to a person's physical health:

(1) Neurological disorders. Overdose can occur consciousness, anxiety, depression, etc., the hostile impulse to people or suicidal intention. Long-term marijuana use can lead to psychosis, paranoia, and paranoia.

(2) Memory and behavior cause damage. Abuse of marijuana can lead to decreased brain memory and attention, computing power, and judgment, making people slow in thinking, dull, and memory disorders. Long-term suck still can cause degenerative sex encephalopathy.

(3) Affect the immune system. Smoking marijuana can damage the body's immune system, resulting in low cellular and humoral immune functions, vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. So marijuana users are more likely to develop oral tumors.

(4) Smoking marijuana may cause tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma attacks, laryngeal edema, and other diseases. Smoking a joint can affect lung function 10 times more than smoking a single cigarette.

(5) Influence movement coordination. Marijuana overdose may impair the coordination of muscle movements, resulting in impaired standing balance, hand tremors, loss of complex operation, and the ability to drive a motor vehicle.

Cannabinoids, the general name of all kinds of psychoactive compounds contained in cannabis plants, are a kind of addictive drugs. There has been considerable debate over the effects of marijuana on sexual function. Marijuana is an illegal drug, but it does need to be administered in certain circumstances, and only after the necessary procedures have been completed.

Initially, marijuana was thought to increase libido and sexual intercourse; however, some users believe that marijuana can enhance sexual desire and pleasure, which may be related to the induction of users' environment. But animal studies have shown that marijuana reduces sexual intercourse in rats, inhibits sperm production, and lowers circulating testosterone levels. In healthy young men, regular marijuana use, both short-term and long-term, reduce circulating testosterone levels.

Some men have been found to have impotence, but once they stop smoking, their ability to have sex can be restored within weeks. Cannabis was also reported to suppress levels of lutein and progesterone in the blood of female rats and to have an anti-ovulation effect in both mice and primates. Even when differences between species are excluded. The evidence also strongly suggests that cannabis has endocrine activity. In addition, long-term smoking marijuana will also inhibit sperm production and the occurrence of male breast feminization.

We say marijuana because marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs, but the results are unacceptable to us, let alone other drugs. One thing we want you to know is that all drugs, no matter how harmful, can become addictive and lead to impotence:

First, male drug sexual desire decline, and then occur impotence premature ejaculation. In the early days of drug use, you feel refreshed, have a pleasant image, and seem to have a heightened libido. Some people take drugs to enhance sexual desire and sexual intercourse ability, but it is a kind of morbid, take drugs to cause ejaculation slow, or can't ejaculate. If the occurrence of physical dependence, sexual desire or loss of sexual desire, male impotence instead of ejaculation slow and can not.

Second, the drug will make men impotent, drug libido decrease, men appear impotence. Drug use can lead to fantasies and the illusory feeling of an orgasm. But this abnormal orgasm is more damaging to the body than it is to the immediate pleasure.

Third, taking drugs can damage the central nervous system, reduce excitement, even impotence. And take drugs also easy to occur all kinds of diseases such as blood clots and other difficult to cure diseases, drug-induced impotence may be lifelong, so do not take drugs for the pleasure of the moment, and forget the harm of taking drugs.

In short, hemp drugs are harmful to the human body, so we must not blindly believe the stereotype that cannabis can enhance sexual function advocated by some people, and the abuse and use of cannabis and its products must be strictly prohibited. And drug impotence is sooner or later, drug impotence caused by impotence is actually relatively slight harm. Impotence on the human body is no less than any kind of disease, this hope we can be aware of, away from drugs away from danger

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