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Decorating Your Bong

by Kelsey White 3 years ago in how to

Scratch that new bong itch.

Hello, my Rays of Sunshine! So, you know when you have had a bong for a while, and no matter how much you loved it when you first bought it, it starts to lose that new bong feeling and then we all get that new bong itch. However, sadly most of us are broke or just don’t want to spend the money on new glass. Well, thankfully for you I go through this a lot so I have collected all my tips to help you scratch that itch.

Option One:

Clean your bong. I know this may sound silly, but sometimes all our bong needs is a little TLC it to feel brand new again. I mean come on, the best part of a new bong is it doesn’t have the rez smell and taste. Well lucky for us, Wal-Mart has the best bong cleaner you will ever need. A huge jug of Great Value epsom salt and Great Value 91% rubbing alcohol. The bowl piece and down stem will inquire a sandwich bag and maybe some pipe cleaners (which can be purchased at any headshop) to get clean but the two extra necessities are cheap and you may even already have them. After you have everything you need, proceed to do the following:

  1. Empty dirty water out of your bong
  2. Remove the bowl and down stem
  3. Place the bowl and down stem into separate sandwich bags
  4. Scoop some salt into the sandwich bags and bong
  5. Pour about 4 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into the sandwich bags and then seal them closed
  6. Pour about 1 cup of alcohol into your bong
  7. Shake the living hell out of the bong (cover all holes)
  8. Shake the living hell out of the bags
  9. Rinse everything
  10. Use pipe cleaners as needed

If you want more details on how to clean your bong, check out my blog post about Piece Cleaning Hacks.

Option Two:

For someone who doesn’t wear bracelets, I have a lot of them, so I decided to put them on my bongs. This is great because it looks cute, and when you just clean your bong it adds a nice Tumblr vibe that just kills my itch for a new bong. You can also add watches, necklaces, ankle bracelets, rubber bands, maybe even some rings hanging off the outside of the down stem. This adds a unique little flair to your piece and can really pull a bong together.

Option Three:

Stickers of all kinds. The great thing about this option is you can use window stickers so that you don’t have to risk leaving any residue on your bong if you decide you no longer what that specific sticker anymore. Another great thing is buying a bunch of stickers is still so much cheaper than buying a brand new bong and if they are window stickers you can switch them between bongs if you have more than one.

Option Four:

Putting a sock (preferably a themed sock) on the bottom of your bong. I personally love to use a pair of fuzzy penguin socks I have over a plain pair of socks, however, this option is great for more than cute decor. Putting a sock over the bottom of the bong can also help prevent little scratches from appearing on the bottom and may even protect it from any pebbles that may be on your floor when you go to set it down. Another reason why I love doing this is when you fill your bong with ice cold water to smoke and then set the bong on bare skin when you go to smoke, the sock prevents my leg from freezing from the touch of the cold glass.

Option Five:

Swapping out the bowl piece. Now if you have more than one bong or more than one bowl piece this will obviously be a great option for you to do on its own or in combination with one of the others. However, if you don’t have more than the one bowl piece this may not be an option unless you have a friend who is willing to swap for a while or you are willing to spend money on a new one. If this option is possible for you I definitely recommend it because oddly enough switching out the bowl piece does make a difference.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to tweet me, message me on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. My Twitter and Instagram are both @escape2thewilds and my Tumblrs user is @xxShamelessStonerxx. I hope you enjoyed this blog entry, and please feel free to check out my other blog posts on my page! I wish you all a good day and stay high my friends!

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Kelsey White
Kelsey White
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