Black Cherry by Lucky Devil

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Black Cherry by Lucky Devil

A hybrid of unknown origin, Black Cherry from Lucky Devil may be Black Cherry Soda, as that was the strain they referenced in an email when I inquired about the lineage and terpene profile. If it is Black Cherry Soda, the genetics will remain unknown until the breeder lets the cat out of the bag, which is very unlikely. It may have been a strain used in-house by TGA Subcool Seeds for breeding other strains like Ace of Spades and Plush Berry, possibly named for its black cherry aroma when in bloom and its fruity, soda-like flavor when smoked.

The buds in the bag are squished even though the label says this is a limited edition. I think they may have been flattened during packing or shipping or both. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my nugs unsquashed. This cannabis abuse makes me concerned as to what kind of limited edition this is. At least it says hand-crafted on the label. That’s a good sign and though they’re flattened, they do seem to have a nice robust green color with some pistils and trichomes visible through the bag. There’s a few nugs in the bag and when I drop them out onto my table, they look a little shaggy on the trim. Reddish-yellow pistils are definitely visible with a pretty decent coverage of frosty trichomes on darker green and yellow leaf. Under the scope, these trichomes mostly appear milky and translucent, but many have broken heads and shriveled stalks. Pistils have a nice a coating of sessiled trichomes, gobular and golden.

These buds have have an earthy, grass-field aroma with a hint of sweet perfume. Breaking them up reveals a note of sweetened berry, but that grassy field scent is prevalent and now there’s a hint of dirt and it is unappealing. Grinding up Black Cherry, I was hoping she would offer a more complex aroma, but I get more of the same. She’s got a predominantly grass-field aroma with a hint of sweetened dirt.

Buds feel inconsistent. Mostly, they feel hydrated but the larger nug was dry and crispy. These nugs don’t feel sticky, but grinding them up reveals a nice, soft, spongy pile of cannabis begging to be rolled and sparked up. Shaping her into a spliff was a little tricky, but I was able to manage a nice hooter to burn without too much spillage.

She starts out smooth enough. Slightly spicy and earthy. That grass-field aroma isn’t present in the smoke. A third of the way down and she’s pretty consistent. Sweet spice and earth, through and through. Halfway into the joint and she’s beginning to turn bitter on me. There’s a slight tingling sensation rolling through my mouth, but she seems to be burning evenly and I can still taste her major flavor profile of sweetened earthy spice. I don’t get anything reminiscent of black cherry or soda at all. That being said, the flavors that I do get hold firm throughout the entire spliff, only turning slightly bitter on the finish.

There’s a heaviness to the body so that when it begins, it feels like a shift in gravity, almost starting at the feet and slowly moving up the legs and into the hips. You won’t know you’re off balance until you try to move. Effects roll in nicely. Warm and fuzzy on the edges with an overall sense of clarity to the mind that I know won’t last. Bit by bit, I feel my thought processes pleasantly waning. Overall, I feel a nice melt in my muscles. There’s a good warmth present in my lower back which is a nice surprise. Sense of clarity is out the door. Not sure how long the clock’s been ticking, but I have just realized it is difficult to form a thought. By the time you notice the fuzz in your eyes, Black Cherry has shut down your processes.

Overall Black Cherry provides a nice melt to the muscles and general sense of relaxation, but with an everlasting stone.

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