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by Raven Route 8 months ago in list

Best Vaping product Devices

Have you made up your mind to begin vaping? Are you a smoker who is planning to switch to vapes? If yes, then we know how befuddled you must be seeing the boundless variety of the mods and pods online. Not only this but selecting the accessories related to your vaping device can be quite an overwhelming task for you. Which e-juice to go for? What will suit the best for your kind of vaping-pods or mods? When and which related to the battery and coil replacements; Uhff! all seem to be insanely perplexing! Right?

Relax Amigos! We’ve concocted some topmost vaping pods products that have spread their presence like fire from the very moment of their release. Here we freewheel you through the most exquisite vaping devices of 2021-

#1. WARNING: Hands off minors! These are composed of Nicotine which is an addictive chemical. DO NOT VAPE if you’re yet to hit the legal age as decided by your country!

1. Puff Bars

  • These are small-sized pod mods that will fit into your palm and saves you the hurdles of refilling and recharging as it has an activated firing mechanism that works mechanically with a
  • Having the disposable feature, they hold about 1.3 ml of vape juice giving you an experience of about 1000 puffs in each pod.
  • The nic concentration is 5%.
  • Each one comes with a different color based on the flavor choice.

2. Puff Plus

  • Keeping up with all the other features of Puff Bars, Puff Plus comes with some extra puffs for you, holding up to 800 puffs as an approximate number, that comes closest to 20 cigs in a single vape mod.
  • They come in 25 exciting tastes!

3. Puff Bar Flow Disposable Vape

  • This one is recent in the line and as the name suggests it gives vaper enthusiasts the ability to control the vape clouds by adjusting the flow button and has all other features as mentioned in the Puff Bar description. This one sure is a win-win!
  • They can give you an experience of about 1000 puffs in one pod.
  • Flavor choice variations are 20!

#2. WARNING: Pregnant women must keep away from vaping! It can harm your reproductive organs!

4. Puff XXL Disposable Vape

  • Holding all the basic features of a Puff Bar, this device gives you a surplus of puffs, about 1600 in one pod device. Giving you a longer duration of high-nic feeling.
  • They’re available in more than 30 exciting flavors.

5. Hype Max Flow

  • Another one that is attracting the crowds for its puff hits ranging till 2000 numbers!
  • You can unravel 15 awesome flavors!

6. Big Bar Duo

  • This one is one amongst those beating the rest giving around 2200 puffs in each!
  • As the name proposes, it comes with a duo of flavors that will leave your tongue to backflips along with the smooth vaping highness!
  • 6 combinations of playful flavor cumulation.

#3.WARNING: Vaping is not for people with breathing issues!


We’ve tried to introduce you to the top-selling pod mods, will update you with the same facts about the mods and related essentials in our next blog. Having said that, the above vaping pods are just the tailer. Turn it into the movie by visiting and experiencing all the possible pods mod range at-



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