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Another Sad and Bizarre Chapter in Human History

by Gerald del Campo 2 months ago in pop culture
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How to repeat history 101

Sophie Scholl the White Rose

Ever wonder what that might mean: Nothing is true, and everything is permitted? The foundations of society are fragile, and we are the architects of our actions. We must cultivate and care for our civilization and institutions. We must live with our consequences, whether sublime or monstrous.

The truth is, I can't say what I wish without having to preface all human history. So, I will drill it down as much as possible to explain my opinion, which is mine alone. You are free to draw your conclusions. 

In the US, the separation of church and state is vital to atheists and religionists alike for reasons which should be obvious. Nevertheless, we have not been able to separate politics from religion since our forefathers died. Ironically, much of Europe, which does not have the wealth of wisdom given to us by our Founding Fathers, adheres more strictly to the utilitarian idea that a secular government serves EVERYONE best, and that is the ideal worth pursuing, and that doing so is following our own Constitution. It should also come as no surprise that we face extreme popularity with fascism due to our failure to keep politics and religion separate. Even our most liberal religious institutions and philosophies are tainted with the putrid idealism of modern wannabe Ubermensch.

Nietzsche wept.

Fascists love Nietzsche because they believe he thought like them. He is hero they use to enforce their philosophy. Nietzsche's central metaphysical idea was individual freedom, the wherewithal to create one's character according to one's desire and true nature. He would have deplored fascism because it opposed anarchism: self-rule and self-ownership.

On the other hand, fascism is characterized as an authoritarian ultra-nationalistic paradigm outlined by overbearing totalitarian power and strong regimentation of society according to its ideals. It seeks to destroy its opposition which is liberalism and anarchism. It is known today as "the ALT-RIGHT." Like the Christians and Nazis before them, they too have co-opted religious symbols to bolster the lie that they have some roots in something greater than their hateful thinking and thirst for vengeance upon some imaginary lesser-than-human opposition.

Like fascists of the past, this new movement comprises ex-military, the unemployed, sour-grape socialists, nationalists, and anyone who might have become disillusioned with democracy. Together they form into militias, and see themselves as freedom fighters, much like Mussolini did, except his fascism had none of the superior-race, blood-and-soil trappings that came with Hitlerism, as it has today. Religious symbols are essential to fascism because they recognize the ability to mobilize people through their use. The use of these symbols is something that all fascist movements have in common, from the Inquisition to the colonization of other countries to the current uptick in the use of Nordic characters. The deification of the nation via its leader is usually the goal.

What is ironic and laughable about the use of Heathen symbols to prop up some idea of "racial purity" is easily glimpsed in the genetic profiles of people like me, who are about 92% Iberian and still possess French, German, Nordic and Scandinavian DNA. How could that possibly be unless the "Vikings" went around conquering new worlds and intermixing with the people with which they traded or colonized? They were not racial separatists. There is no evidence supporting the idea that race concerned them. But the thing you can always count on when it comes to fascism is the astonishing ignorance it perpetuates regarding science and history. I am sure there have been some brilliant fascists throughout history. I haven't yet found one, even in the works of Evola.

And who isn't disillusioned with democracy? Look at the national leadership democracy has given us. The old cliche is proving to be true. Stupid people vote. But fascism is not the answer either.

The other aspect of fascism is anticlericalism. It opposes religious authority because fascists see it influencing the social affairs they would like to control. Therefore, its relationship to religion is much like a parasite to its host. Think tapeworm, fleas, barnacles, or toxoplasmosis, which invades the brain of its host, causing it to do its bidding. To fascism, religion and philosophy are little more than hosts to be occupied and manipulated. Its interest in religion is purely political, not theological or metaphysical.

Even fraternal organizations dedicated to the spirit of the universal brotherhood have been infiltrated. The leadership of these groups has caved in for economic reasons. One member equals a specific dollar amount, and the recent lack of youth interest in these groups has contributed to their financial woes.

Suppose fraternities and churches were to resist the neutrality that allows these people to thrive and grow within their organizations by standing fast with their stated principles? If they only had the courage and integrity to stand up to fascism and clearly state that the virtues they onetime spoused were not for sale and would not be subject to reconciliation with fascism and the violence that comes with it, they would not be able to use Mohammed, Buddha, Nietzche or Jesus to poison the minds of the masses. We shall have to see whether these organizations are more interested in a universal brotherhood or if they continue collecting dues from members suffering from Little Napoleon Syndrome. 

The most disappointing thing is to watch people claiming to be academics using Nietzche to justify their hatred for the "other." Or people using Christ to call others to arms. They wave their crosses, ribbons, and fish bumper stickers proudly, talk of unity and Jesus' love, and choose to quote scripture just as well as anyone all while engaging in activities that contradict the paradigm they praise so much. To identify as a Christian while spousing fascist ideology is the work of morons that don't understand either concept. And the apologists that know better but believe they can co-exist are fascism's future victims. I think the Russians call them "convenient idiots."

"Between a stupid fascist and an intelligent fascist, prefer the intelligent one, because there is always a chance to persuade the clever one about the mistakes of his actions! There is no such a chance for stupid and ignorant fascist!" ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo is a poet, Jungian, philosopher, hermetic magician, shaman, mythologist, author, musician, mead maker, herbalist, foodie, motorcyclist and, all around nice guy.

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