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Air bar Lux plus: The next vaping boss

by Raven Route 9 days ago in product review

Air Bar Lux Review

The new product that has struck the world of vaping is Air Bar Lux Plus Vape. The vaping device is available in a variety of flavors. The choice of vaping device depends on the flavor you want to enjoy. A traditional Air bar can only be consumed for 1000 puffs, but the upgraded version of vaping in Air Bar Lux Plus can be used for 2000 puffs.

A 1250mAh handy power battery powers this device. With this, you can vape for a longer period and enjoy different flavors. This also allows you to have more puffs and airflow. As a result, you can have more options in vaping and a more enjoyable time without any hurdles.

Facts about Vaping Device

Vaping devices like Air bar Lux plus are increasing in demand. People have started switching towards e-cigarettes from traditional ones. But here are some of the facts that you must know about the vaping device.

● If you are assuming that vaping is protected, then you are wrong. It is not as harmful as traditional ones but contains nicotine and other chemicals that can be toxic.

● The most harmful agent in any smoking device is nicotine. This makes it harmful for your lungs and heart.

● There is an impression that vaping is not addictive. If you believe so, then it is certainly not correct. Vaping is as addictive as the traditional smoking methods.

● If you are thinking of quitting smoking and want to take the help of vaping devices, then you are going wrong. These vaping devices like Air bar Lux plus do not help quit the smoking habit. They are equally addictive.

Air bar Lux flavors

If you are looking for something that is more flavored and gives you relaxation, then Air bar Lux plus is a good option. It gives you the experience of smoking with a wide range of flavor options. Some of the options are listed below;

● Berry Lemon Shake: The berry lemon shake of Air Bar Lux Plus is mouthwatering. You can enjoy the flavor for long hours until you are satisfied.

● Cranberry Grape: this is one of the most fantastic flavors offered in Air Bar Lix Plus. This will help you in staying energetic throughout the day. The flavor can revitalize your body and supply extra energy.

● Cool Mint Flavor: This Air Bar Lux Plus flavor offers you a tasteful experience for the whole day. It is made by crushing fresh mint.

● Energy Drinks: For energy drink fans, this is one of the greatest tastes. If you get hold of it once, you will always want to try it.

● Watermelon Ice: This is the vape for you if you prefer watermelon flavor but don't want any mint or menthol. The watermelon ice e-liquid gives off a cold, refreshing sensation.

● Kiwi Lemon Shake: The mix of kiwifruit and lemon is delicious. You'll fall in love with this flavor and want to make a new purchase as soon as it runs out.


1. What is dangerous vaping or traditional cigarettes?

● Vaping is not as harmful as traditional ones, but it contains nicotine and other chemicals that can be toxic.

2. Which is better: vape or smoking?

● If we compare the two vaping is less unhealthy than smoking. They are also cheaper than smoking and contain fewer toxins.

3. Can your lungs heal from vaping?

● If you are suffering from lung issues, then make a point that vaping can worsen your situation.

4. How can you find out if someone is vaping?

● You can see behavioral changes in the person, shortness in breathing, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss, which are some signs of finding if the person is vaping.


If you want to go for a less harmful smoking method, then vaping is a good choice. Air bar Lux plus Disposable Vape has taken over the market and has become the boss of vaping.

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