5 reasons why marijuana is actually great!

It's not a drug, it's a hobby

5 reasons why marijuana is actually great!

Unleashes inner creativity:

Believe me when I say this is a fact. Towards the end of my high school ca reer, school was the last thing on my mind. With overdue essays to finish and Assignments piling up it was time to pick up the pace. For about 2 weeks I was in total grind mode. D’s were rising to B’s and my motivation continued to grow. With everything going so well I felt, like any high school slacker, that it was time for a short break. As I let book-work and essays build up again I started going to school high. Everyday before stepping out of my car I would take 3 rips off my dab pen and then head in to school. Most of the time this just resulted in extra sleep. It wasn’t until I actually started doing work that I noticed something incredible. There I was sliced as fuck working on an essay about the book “Fahrenheit 451”. It amazed me how easy the essay was considering the only thing I had read was the back cover. The essay was finished in that same class on that same day. Yeah it was a BUNCH of bullshit but the bullshit was creatively relevant to the book and enough to cap me a B+. Never had I ever been able to put together a decent essay in such a short amount of time. Was this just a coincidence? I think NOT. I could sit here and talk about countless assignments I accomplished while high but school isn’t the only thing being high helped me with. I am an adamant drummer and hearing the same beats over and over gets boring but coming up with new beats is stressful. What I have learned is when I am high and come up with new beats it all comes together without me even thinking about it. My body does more work than my mind. What I mean by this is, as I start playing I incorporate new beats or rhythms and I don’t even realize it until I play it back. It’s like magic. But why when I’m high is it easier to write or make beats than when I’m not? According to a study, weed, or cannabis as they call it causes users like myself, to have psychotomimetic symptoms leading you to make connections between ideas that aren’t related. This means that while writing that essay I was able to relate completely unrelated things from my life to the book that I never even read more than a summary of.

Pain reliever

I myself don’t suffer from any chronic pain but I am sore allllllll the time from skateboarding. The pain is never anything unbearable but no pain is better than any pain at all. Smoking weed (indica in particular) cancels most if not all the pain that I feel whether it’s a headache or soreness in a muscle. Those with chronic pain have a lot to say about marijuana too. In fact chronic pain is the number one reason people request medical marijuana. Here is just one example of how weed helped a woman with chronic nerve pain in her knee.

Enhances your senses

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Pineapple Express” you may remember the scene where Dale Denton, played by Seth Rogen, said something along the lines of “it makes movies look better, food taste better, and sex feel better” as he was referring to weed. If this isn’t the most accurate statement then I don’t know what is. I am not at all a fan of Taco Bell or McDonald’s but after smokin some dope reefer, big macs and burritos are comparable to any 5 star restaurant you can think of. That might be a slight exaggeration on my part but you get the point. So why does weed make your food taste better? Well it doesn’t. Consuming cannabis products causes the body to produce extra amounts of the “hunger hormone” known as ghrelin. Ghrelin increases your appetite and causes you to crave food leading food to be much more satisfying to consume. In result, it promotes the idea that the food taste better. On the other hand studies involving mice have revealed that consumption of cannabis does enhance your smell. If you know anything about taste and smell then you probably know that smell has a lot to do with taste. With that being said, because food smells better when you’re high it is “legal” to say that it also tastes better. So what about sex? If you’ve read my post titled “Marijauana” you know that sex and weed both cause the production of dopamine. The dopamine produced from the weed and sex combined provides for the enhanced sexual experience.

Better social life

If you’re one that has trouble making conversation weed will fix that real quick. Now I’m not telling you to take fat bong rips before an interview, but studies have shown that weed tends to make people talk and engage in deep conversations such as life. Besides deep conversations or sometimes completely pointless conversations weed users also suffer from the best condition in the world, the giggles. The giggles is uncontrollable laughter and take it from me this is one of the greatest things you will ever experience. The pure joy you feel while you laugh at literally nothing, only gets better when you’re sharing the experience with someone else.

It just feels good

The biggest reason I smoke is the overall feeling. My thinking is much more positive and everything is more enjoyable. Smoking weed just makes you feel really freaking good. I mean take a look at the picture at the top of the page, even my fuckin cat loves smoking.

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Keaton Honaker
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