10 Things to Do When You Are High

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10 Things to Do When You Are High

Weed is legal in Canada now, and even my friend's moms are getting involved in the 'Marijuana Festivities'! With such a huge increase in THC and CDB, we are also going to need a huge increase in snacks and entertainment.

1. Sketch/Paint.

THC really increases creativity. If sketching is something you normally do anyway, then you have to give this a try! Better yet, can I see what you make?

3. Take a long look at the stars.

Try to find constellations, or just simply realize how small you are compared to the galaxy.

4. Play Weed Games.

Weed games are the new drinking games. They are great for larger parties or just in a small group of friends. Ash Bomber is one of my personal favourites. I have made so many good memories, and even made a few new friends playing Ash Bomber; I really recommend it. Just below is everything you need to know so you can play Ash Bomber too.

Ash Bomber

For this weed game, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • 1 penny (or a nickel)
  • 1 rubber band
  • A jar (or a cup)
  • A sheet of tissue paper or rolling paper
  • A joint or blunt (not a bong)

First, cover the opening of the jar. Then use the rubber band around the rim to secure it. Set the penny in the center of the tissue paper, and light up your joint. Each person takes one or two hits, and then burns a hole in the tissue paper.

Players must burn a hole each time they take their hit. The person who makes the penny fall is the loser, and has to perform some task. To make the game more fun, the loser has to do a chore or an embarrassing dance. You can choose the penalty, there are an endless amount of options.

Want more weed games?

If you want to check out a bunch more fun games, I added a link to another one of my articles with six more games including 'Duck Weed', 'Mary Jane's Wheel' and my personal favourite 'Pterodactyl'. The article even includes one that game you play with just one player. There is no shame in a night in by yourself playing 'Spliff Solitaire'.

5. Dance or use a Hula Hoop.

It's actually a little harder than I first thought it would be to Hula Hoop high... but I still had lot of fun! If you really want, take a video of you trying it for later entertainment purposes. Just... don't let this one end up on the internet.

6. Watch a Movie or Play Video Games.

Mario Kart is a very popular 'Go To' game for this... but there are also some other fun games. Rock Band, Dance Dance, RedDead2 and your childhood classics... for nostalgic reasons. One fun and oddly entertaining thing to do is watch those 'As Seen on TV' videos.

7. Go To A Playground And Swing.

I don't even know why, but this is actually the weirdest and most amazing feeling ever. Please try it.

8. Meditate.

Meditation is not only really good for you... but there are also a lot of different ways to do it. It's not just the traditional form of sitting anymore. You can meditate while walking through a park, or just lying down on your bed. All you have to do is clear your mind. Try focusing on a random object. Don't even think about the object... just kinda stare at it and leave all your thoughts behind.

9. Take A Shower.

Whenever I am in a bad mood, my first go to is taking a long shower, or better yet... a bath with a bath bomb! Being a little buzzed just makes the experience that much better.

10. Read More Blogs!

I have blogs and articles on all kinds of different things. Love Game of Thrones? I have articles on that! Hate Game of Thrones Season 8? I have articles about that too! I have written about, ADHD, depression, #BestOfNetflix, gay pride, party drink recipes, wedding ideas, baby names, and so much more! Whatever you're into, you will find something entertaining @NancyDBlogs. Not to mention, it's free, AND ad free... so why not?

Keep in Mind

Sorry to kill your buzz already... but please just remember not to drive high. People seem to think it's okay, or somehow better than drinking and driving, but it's not! So don't drive high. Also, smoking weed gives you an increased risk of psychosis and schizophrenia. I'm not saying don't smoke, I just want people to know the risks.

Hello. Nice to meet you! How are you? Hmm... this feels like a really one sided conversation... why don't you follow me on social media, so I can get to know you too!

Nancy D
Nancy D
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