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Zero Out:

by Saroyan Coles about a month ago in heartbreak

Narrative Poem

Zero Out:
Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

In hopes my hugs,

and kisses cure your pandemic blues...

You have always been there,

to pick me up when I am down,

with open arms,

giving me a hug.

Not caring,

what others might say—

just knowing, instinctively

I needed one.

I run,

to you,

when I am scared.

I know you will be there


I always took comfort in.

You saved me,

from reckless decisions

just by talking on the phone.

When I miss you,

I miss you whole heartedly.


You always belong to someone else...

At some point,

I have to grow up,

not run to you,

nor rely on a single hug,

I know you always have for me.

My grief case is packed,

and I have lost my luggage tag...

My hearts,

odometer is zeroed out.

Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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