Your Real Work

by Joseph Civitella about a year ago in inspirational

An Acrostic Composition

Your Real Work

Between dawn and dusk you focus on work, giving life to your job with the illusion that it will give

you more life, but there are many ways that the job you do will survive despite your best efforts to

become indispensable. Too many degrees of day exist for the countless hours you spend earning your

due, then you feel lifeless. You fall asleep, and between dusk and dawn you dream about the life you

really want, the one in which you are fully yourself, but you recognize there are nightmares as well

that prompt you to hide deeper in your psyche, behind the walls you build. Too many degrees of night

beckon the truth. Therefore do not fret about the trivial things, the ones that don’t matter in the

greater scheme of the universe, nor about the light or the dark that take turns casting their spell on

you. It will make sense from a spiritual perspective for all is in harmony according to the guidance of

divinity that houses the mysteries of existence. Everything resonates with the pulse of everything else.

That’s how creation works. Your real work, more than just a job, is to be an emissary of the universe.

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