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Your Choice

Which will you make?

It is said that

the future has many paths

that the choice you may

make today could change

everything for tomorrow

or the next week,

next month, next year

The choices you make

mean everything for

every aspect of your life

and the lives you touch

with your magic

your influence

Don’t believe it?

That’s okay.

I didn’t believe either

not until the day

when I hit rock bottom

wondering why

wondering how

I got here in the first place.

When you find yourself

in rock bottom,

you’ll learn

and only then

you will believe

that’s when you

will shine

lighting the way

for others to follow


Mackenzie English
Mackenzie English
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Mackenzie English

With the words you read here, I hope you find truths, inspiration, emotion, and the knowledge that you are not alone.


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