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Young Lotus

Time to Rise

Young Lotus
Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

Hidden from the sunlight, buried in the mud, you are a lotus waiting to bloom.

From the dirt you will sprout porcelain petals that glisten in the moon light, fully awakened in all your glory.

You are ready to absorb the rain and appreciate each drop that tries to flood the ground where you lay.

But instead of drowning in the mud, you will float above the darkness in continuous bloom.

You can see the nourishment you received while being buried; each action and emotion felt gives you more strength to rise up.

So rise young Lotus, rise. 

Monica Loney
Monica Loney
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Monica Loney

I have a keen interest in empowerment, public speaking, education, writing and travel. I want to be able to help our future generations learn the necessary skills to accept themselves as they are and achieve their dreams.

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