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You Told Me

by Hailey Kokke 5 months ago in heartbreak

It Hurts

You told me I’m beautiful.

You told me you love me.

You told me you won’t leave.

You told me I’m the only one.

I wish that was true, but you just proved it's never true.

You hurt me more than anyone.

I thought I was beautiful,

but you only said it to my face,

behind my back its always ugly

I thought "I love you" meant more than "I don’t know what to say"

I said I love you and I meant it,

you said I love you just to say something.

I thought "I won't leave you" meant "I will always be here"

I said I won't leave and meant it,

you said "I won't leave" because you knew I trusted you.

I thought "your the only one" meant no one else would interest you.

I said "you're the only one" and meant won't love another soul,

you said "your the only one" and meant "right now."


Hailey Kokke

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Hailey Kokke
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