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You Say

by Jason White 2 months ago in sad poetry

an original poem by Jason White

You Say
Photo by Edan Cohen on Unsplash

You say it's hard loving me.

You say you've wasted

A lifetime trying to make me see

Everything I am not

The things I can't be.

You say I've changed so much.

That I am not the man you loved,

I am a shell of who I was.

I see a darkness over me.

I have to agree.

I am not the man I used to be.

I just look at you and resign,

You're right.

You've wasted a lifetime

For sure,

And I ain't got no life in me anymore.

It's my life that's gone,

My spark faded so long ago.

You point your fingers at me

But I gave you everything


You just took and took and took.

And now that I ain't got nothing left.

You're just walking out that door

Leave me crying on my floor.

Leave me lifeless on my floor.

I ain't your problem anymore.

sad poetry
Jason White
Jason White
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Jason White

Jason White is a father, a grandfather, knowledge seeker and sharer. Jason is the owner of Growth Positive Consulting where he puts his fundraising and management skills to great use. He is a writer, a woodworker, and a philanthropist.

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