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You Say Middle, I Say Center

by FEHIN 5 months ago in performance poetry
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Sort of a rant poem

You Say Middle, I Say Center
Photo by Kylo on Unsplash

The Middle lies secured on the inside

Sheltered in between the Flawless and the Esteem

But, where exactly has that left me?

All through the years I have stood behind

Always allowed for the others to shine

It sometimes feels as if i’m barely seen

That my place in life just happens to lie someplace in between

When in truth, I happen to be the most pristine

I serve as a mediator

Yes- that’s definitely my appeal

Sort of like a peacemaker,

I'm starting to realize, just how ideal

So, you say Middle, I say Center, in order to make amends

Nevertheless, a Sister, a Friend, I will remain until the end.

performance poetry

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