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You're Welcome

by Korreain Johnson 23 days ago in heartbreak

The struggle of developing a man for the next woman

You're Welcome
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You probably don't know the whole story, he probably fabricated most of it I suppose, but I'm the broken woman who taught him everything he knows.

I'm the reason he buys you orchids instead of a rose. I'm the reason he speaks to you in poetry and prose.

Shoot, I'm the real reason you answered in the affirmative when he chose to propose...to you. After all the years of tears and all I went through, its MY dreams that you get see come true.

See, when he came to me, he was just a whole snack, but when I finished with him he was a homecooked meal, a home, and clothes on your back.

It's all because of me. If love was a major, I would be a university. He came for an education and I gave him a degree.

And now I see your smile and can't help but think that it should have been mine. I'm the one that he should wine and dine.

'Cause when he struggled and fell, I prayed. When he lied and cheated, I stayed. When I was loyal and faithful, he betrayed. When I patiently waited, he strayed. Now here you are, red bottoms, designer clothes, and outfits slayed, nails done, Brazilian bundles, edges laid and wearing his engagement ring I'm afraid.

But don't worry, I don't want him back, not after what I went through. Don't worry, I'm not here to claim what I'm due. Just remember this the next time I come into your view, don't give me any side eye when you owe me a "thank you."

Korreain Johnson
Korreain Johnson
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Korreain Johnson

I'm a Christian wife and mother of three who homeschools. Although I often seem very cookie cutter and traditional in many ways, my creativity allows me to express a side of me that doesn't have to be bothered with perfection and judgment.

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