You hurt me the most...When I said No

My Story, My Poem - I Am A Sexual Assault Survivor

You hurt me the most...When I said No
Based on real life events

Readers discretion please be advised - This poem's nature and language might cause upset or trigger.

It was me

You hurt the most

It is me,

Who questions if I am beautiful enough

It was me,

You unlawfully touched

It is me ,

Who feels as a broken piece of art

It was my body and soul,

Wrongfully violated.

I trusted you ,

Welcomed you into our humble home

Young ,


You were supposed to be my brother,

My relative ,

My friend ,

By the dead of the dawn you downgraded yourself,

From a friend to a foe ,

Stranger to danger,

How do I get scars to fade away?

When I’m travelling in circles to rewrite my life.

How do you sleep comfortably?

Since the age of 16, I have been waking up in Jurassic Park

Full of dinosaurs and old memories ,

My body still remembers the nightmare everyday,

Like dried lemons squeezed on fresh wounds .

The taste of love has become sour ,

Not every man can be trusted ,

A simple of touch or kiss ,

Sends Romeo back to Pluto,

Flashbacks plummet every romantic planet ,

The gate of love is slammed in my face ,

I find it hard to love , struggle to give my heart to a man that adores me.

Your deception still hangs on my corridor ,

This nightmare has no happy ending ,

Only the walls can't lie ,

Not a single soul has any idea why the smile on my face is fake.

The memory remains unforgettable,

Tears turn into dust,

Mama told me ,

Legendary Queens don’t cry .

The sands of time will bless you with forgiveness,

When I am ready to learn how to fly again,

The faint lines of my heart ,

Misses a beat,

When I remind myself ,

I am a woman ,

I am a Queen ,

I am a survivor,

Justice will be served,

As I take the first step towards the rainbows of epiphany,

My story, is my crown ,

I am a survivor ,

Surviving you ,

Surviving the assault,

I will survive.

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Chantelle Wynta
Chantelle Wynta
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