You / High School Crush

by Briana Marie 10 days ago in love poems


You / High School Crush


I love your soft, brown eyes

I love your plump, rounded lips

I love your cold, veiny hands

I love your long, smooth legs

I love your petite, feminine hips

I love your small, round butt

I love your curly, thick hair

I love your tan, brown skin

I love your soft, full breasts

I love your everything, physically.


I have a crush on a boy

A boy I do not know

He sits beside me sometimes

My love for him continues to grow

He has long, brown hair

That falls above his eye

He parts it in the middle

With him, I want to stare up at the sky

I'm not great at writing poems

But here's what you don't know

He's sitting right beside me

As I write this.

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Briana Marie
Briana Marie
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