You have so much Potential...

by Brendan Styles 6 months ago in sad poetry

There's always more

You have so much Potential...

You have so much potential

That's what you tell me

But how the hell do i find it

When its something i can't see?

So many have shown me love

But its not what it seems

Was that love for me?

Or what i could be?

You want me to reach it

Yet i don't know how

So ill never be happy

With where I'm at now

My anxiety wont stop

Because there's always more

I cant be who you want me to be

Because there's always more

You say reaching for the stars

Could one day make me whole

Yet i find myself with a shovel

Digging a hole

I continue to search

For something that cant be found

Maybe ill find it if i fall on my face

Straight to the ground

I'm done. l give up

I cant rise above

So i tell myself "It's fine..

I'll live without love"

Carried along

As i try to find my way

And maybe ill find it

Hopefully.. Someday

I wish someone told me before

That love was essential

Just do me one favor

Don't fall in love with potential...

sad poetry
Brendan Styles
Brendan Styles
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