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Pinky promises last a lifetime

By LenrocTheDirector Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

You were there when I was down bad

Bikini bottom bad, even when I left everything I had.

In the spring of memories, I know you can hear me now, I’m aware

For the re-cord, I love you, for the connectivity, you need a man with sensitivity & all the things ya last man wouldn’t do, stay true, that’s what I do

I choose you, something like Pokémon, had my fun, now I’m not tryna chase them all,

Wanna catch you & hope we can stick it out like gorilla glue while I listen to all the things that brought me to you as my soul skips & dance to the melody of your beat.

You knocked me off my feet, give me my wings, awaken me from slumber, I wanna go deep… 10 ft under, reaching long in the back, fixing ya shit like I’m a plumber,

Shhhh, let’s save that talk for another..

You ….

You is where I wanna be 🌹


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I am the soul of this body✨,

FMOT: _Lenroc22

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