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You are

by Abel Johnson Thundil about a year ago in love poems
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You are
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

You are

An orange butterfly on blue pebbles,

A humming bird opening to hug a flower,

A kiss given in a dream.

You are

A patch of land in the middle of a river,

With a single tree;

Beautiful in its loneliness,

Lonely in its wildness.

A ripple in the water,

The soft touch of a potter's hands.

Sitting in an old car

On a ledge

With the birds and the rising sun.

The warmth,

The colours,

The mood that makes one want to kiss.

A stalk having is single petal,

Still called a flower.

A hand without a finger

Is still a hand.

There’ll be

More butterflies,


And kisses.

There'll be

More kisses,

More hope...

love poems

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Abel Johnson Thundil

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