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You are the Universe

Dedicated to everyone

By MT PoetryPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
You are the Universe
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Inside a dark room You stood in front of a mirror,

A cloth filled with self doubt tied around your eyes,

Guilt stuck to Your skin like an armour,

Fear was waiting for your demise.

With every breath I saw You break,

into a million pieces of opaque,

Trying to hide all Your fallacies,

Finding solace in Your miseries.

The pieces of your most cherished memories,

Started piercing through the armour of guilt,

Tearing the cloth of self doubt around your eyes,

You stared at the mirror mesmerized by the sight.

In front of the mirror You stood like a work of art,

Accepting Yourself from the heart,

A divine being made up of the stardust of the galaxy,

It was a beautiful sight to see.

The mirror reflected your inner light,

The dark room became bright,

Your light spread across to intersperse,

You are the universe.

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