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You are searcher of the beauty

by test 5 months ago in performance poetry
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You found me

You are searcher of the beauty
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You are a searcher of beauty. I always see you as that one person who can constantly focus on the brighter side of every situation—amidst the obscurity of the night, you focus more on the stars;

your remarks about the rain, that it is how the heavens shower us with blessings; and so on.

And if I may say, that's what I love about you—you never run out of reasons to smile and be happy. I wonder if you are aware you carry such beauty in you? I hope you do.

I was your total opposite. I once lost sight of the light, once done finding for a way out from the darkness I was in.

So I sat there on the abyss; just waited for it to finally consume my whole being. But as I got tired and felt helpless, you bravely stepped in unto the void, and looked for where I was.

I told you, "You should never be here, on this side of this world we are living. You do not belong in this emptiness, you deserve the life outside this chasm."

What struck my heart was that very statement you told me, once you got a closer look of how miserable I was; that you were there—on the void—to not just rescue me, but also to be with me, inspite of you being afraid of the dark.

You simply said to me, "You may never see it, but this world looks beautiful, mainly because you are in here.

You do not belong on this expanse of this planet, too; but so as long as you want to stay here, I'll be here with you. You don't need to be alone anymore, I am now here."

I never sought for the beauty of this world, but it has seen me; you found me.

performance poetry

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