You & I

by Ashley Ramos 3 months ago in heartbreak

Never a victim, always a survivor

You & I

While you were the one who made my heart hurt at forbidden hours of the dark night, you were also my comfort when I couldn’t stand to be alone with my own thoughts

I would have run a thousand miles to be in your embrace but you wouldn’t realize that through the puff of smoke coming out of your lips

You did what you wanted for me but I did all that I could for you, for someone who I thought loved me dearly

Now I see, that our own thoughts can be deceiving, lying, and hurtful

You were more though, more hurtful than the words I hear in my own head

You were more though, more loving than those who embraced me everyday

I would have given the light of a day's morning to be in your embrace for a single moment between the treacherous days without your being by my side

I mend my heart made of glass because you accidentally dropped it, I made excuses for you in front of my friends when they ask why tears stain my cheeks after I visit you

But the truth, the truth that hurts me to my core, the truth I should’ve faced the first time you raised your fist to strike me, the truth is it should’ve been you

You should have been more careful, because from the start it was always war between you and I

In the end it was you who lost because you couldn’t ever win from the start

You and I, that’s how it should’ve always been, not we, not us, you and I

That is how our story started, strangers who were once you and I, and now months after the first day you bruised me and struck fear in my heart, we end up where we once started

You and I

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