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Y You

A tautogram

By Owen SchaeferPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
Y You
Photo by Dylan Leagh on Unsplash

"Y you?" you yell.

"Y you, you yawners?

You yobs yelling YOLO?

You YouTubing youths?"

You, you yielded years. Yet, Y?

Y you? You yowl—

Y’s your yard yellow?

Y’s your yin yang?

Your yerba yucky?

Y’s your yass! yesterday?

Y’s your yearbook yellowing?

Y’re your yes-men yeomen?

Y’s your Yggdrigsil yew?

Y’s yourself you?

You, yearning yearly.

Yes. You’re yearning you.

Yearn your yolks yummy.

Yearn yaks yeaning young.

Yearn your yard’s yarrow

yellow yet.


This poem was written for the Tautogram Challenge, in which all words must begin with the same letter. Y did I choose Y? Because I am a masochist ... but not so masochistic as to choose X. Enjoy. Share if the spirit moves you.

A few silly limericks, from the Limerick Challenge:

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About the Creator

Owen Schaefer

Owen Schaefer is a Canadian writer, editor and playwright living in the U.K. He writes fiction, speculative fiction, and breezy articles on writing, AI, and other nonsense. Attacks of poetry may occur.

More at owenschaefer.com

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