X Finds You

My First Ever Slam Poem

X Finds You

How many of you have ever had that moment in a math test when you open up the paper and see "that question?"

"Find X"

and you start having heart palpations because you have no idea what to do.

Well, in this poem X tries to find you.

And when I say "you" I don't mean "u" the letter,

I mean you the person

But do you even know who you are?

How can x find you if you can't even find you?

You have had so much time to find you but you chose to find x and to find y. Why? Maybe because someone told you to.

Y-O-U. Why oh why did you have to be you?

Well, that's for you to find.

All the same, finding "you" can be about as difficult as solving x in algebra, so let's solve me because I'm pretty easy to figure out like ryders in circle geometry or a comprehension... in Afrikaans.

First let's generate a set of formulae to solve this complex creature.

Formula 1: I am a uncaged bird who apparently has no reason to be singing. Probably a canary but we aren't even really sure if it's a canary so let's just assume it's a canary because

assuming is what we love to do.


I'm a drought after rain over an herb garden with a Hadedah flying over it towards the progressive insanities of this pioneer


Formula 2: You would probably be able to use Y=mx+c to calculate the steady decline of my marks from grade 7-12.


v=u(yes the letter)+at

to calculate the constant deceleration of my mental health

+ the time it takes for me to have another breakdown provided I have all the other variables because

school really has just taught me the formula to solve everything


Formula 3: So none of my balance sheets in Accounting have been balancing lately which I guess is a pretty accurate metaphor for my life because I still haven't quite figured out the whole

balancing, sleep, school and social life thing. The whole "time management" thing really isn't for me

My time is not a capitalist commodity.

= Meriska

Formula 4: I am Cleopatra hiding in a sunset.

I'll probably blind you if you look too long but I'm pretty useful for the most part you know vitamin D and all that.

Now that's something I've never understood.

Why is it called vitamin D if it comes from the sun?

Shouldn't it be called something more appropriate like vitamin S.

Vitamin Sun. Vitamin Stealing.

"Stealing" because we steal some of the sun's energy for respiration just

like this schooling system is stealing our humanity away from us

as if we can't have feelings or need a rest or go to the bathroom during a 3 hour exam.

= Meriska

Now solve for Meriska and you get...

Well I don't know what you get because no one's ever taught us how to solve it.

How to find ourselves. How to find you and me.

More than 12 years of "education" and no has taught us to solve the only question that actually matters.

But, hey, at least we can all solve x.

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