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by Sarahbeth Graulich 3 months ago in sad poetry

underwhelming thoughts

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Lost and wandering aimlessly,

always wondering.

But it seems like your wondering

is less than wonderful.

Wundering –

underwhelming thoughts.

Is this really it,

all that life has to offer?

You don’t compare

you just see.

See life flowing by, fast;

feeling unaffected and affected

at the same time.

Swirls of color, motion;

encompass and enrage you,

inspire and discourage.

You don’t understand

you just feel.

Is this who I am

who I’m meant to be?

Wundering –

underwhelming thoughts.

But it seems like your life

should be more than lifeless.

Confused and stumbling through

always wondering.

sad poetry
Sarahbeth Graulich
Sarahbeth Graulich
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Sarahbeth Graulich

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