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written as i feel

..i miss the old me.

By Donna BolchPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

like a frightened child locked in a cage

cold and alone ,withholding a silent rage

upon bestowed unbearable pain

the mind meanders to running in rain

lost,confused a failsome burden

a flightless bird that feels unhearden

why, when, what happened -

when did u stop being the real you?

crippled with sadness,and plagued by guilt

what will it take to feel resolute?

gnawing away at the jaw and the heart

when will this end and when did it start?

grabbing the bars and shaking with vigour

how is the out that been trying to figure?

yearning,dreaming ...trying to break free-

all i want to be the old me....

"Written as i feel"

By Donna Bolch

sad poetry

About the Creator

Donna Bolch

i am the very proud mother of two incredible humans,and the wife of a wonderful husband of more than 20 years,.

i suffer from fibromyalgia and functional neurological disorder.

I love photography, and reaching my goals.

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