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Writing my story

by Wendi Beck about a year ago in inspirational
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My world

Writing my story

Just because I live with my illnesses who am I to write about them

I hold no degrees in Psychology to know hard core facts

No, all I know is my life with them so does that really make me worthy to speak on them?

I know only how they torture and manipulate me and no one else.

Does that make me capable of writing about living with Depression and Anxiety?

My poetry is varied and all over the board

How can I release it like that?

Some short and some long or some that are pieces of a whole

Pieces that seem to fit into a line of a moment or life fractures that could be lined together to make the whole picture

Some just simply windows about me and my dreams wants and needs

Words about my mind and the self defense in a family that is so different than me

My fiction I am learning are at least for me a twist upon my therapy

Characters that hold veiled shards of me within their natures or demeanors

Their methods and thought processes all seem to mirror some part of my mind that I seldom notice in the moment

Listening to interviews with writers screen book and tv helps me to see

Avenues my words can take

Pieces that tie my characters to me is unique and psychological ways most may not see.

My writings it seems is more and more a part of me than I believed it could ever be.

I take comfort in that and find love of my life and dreams even more bound to words

And the need to simply create.


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Wendi Beck

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