Writing Erotic Poetry for a Balanced Audience

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Writing Erotic Poetry for a Balanced Audience

So I was talking with some folks on Twitter not too long ago about my poetic style. One of my followers pointed out that women buy a lot of erotic literature, but are not quick to purchase such material from male writers. I found that quite interesting. In my estimation, there is a difference in the poetry put out by women versus that put out by men, but still, erotica is erotica right? It’s like pornography a bit. You like it or you don’t. Even with that, I have women friends who will watch videos directed by men just as much as they will watch those directed by women. So why isn’t the same attentiveness given to male poets?

“Don’t be ashamed of this pool

we’ve made

You are Niagara



yield and


I understand that women and men generally have vastly different ideas on what arouses them and why. As visual creatures, men tend to get aroused by things that stimulate the senses of sound and/or sight. Women on the other hand, approach the medium with the idea of a slow burn. Just like in real life, there must be a connection and maybe some deeper romance before intimacy can occur. I actually use the latter approach in my writing style, but because I am a man, I don’t typically receive the same reception from women as I do my male readers.

“You’re beautiful, you know

The light beneath a shadow

a single flawless diamond

amid callous stones

Other gems shine, it’s true

but pale when compared

were beauty ever painted

the portrait is of you”

As you can see from the above example, I allow the thoughts of the woman reader to flow freely, wrapping themselves around the possibilities of sex, rather than just throwing it in their faces. I feel that is a fine balance between their attention and that of male readers, who again, will get roused far more easily due to the subject alone.

I began my writing career doing science fiction and then black erotica. I took that route, because although I wanted to do poetry, I didn’t feel I could flow as freely with it as some of my poetic peers. They were experts at freestyle and often would perform pages-long recitals at open mic events off the tops of their heads. I am still a bit envious of that LOL.

I discovered a writer named Theta Burke when I was in my 20s, and fell in love with her instant verse writing style. She spoke volumes in as few as four lines of verse. I felt I could do that and so began writing in that style.

“Do you recall when I kissed you

upon the altar of your cheek

'Twas bliss for me and nothing less

A moment I could ne’er speak

perchance I’d touched your secrets

before we had to part

In a kiss, I’ve found a peace

in the garden of your heart”

I later became a fan of Emily Dickinson as well, and she seemed to practice the balance between longer prose and instant verse with ease. Her flow was excellent and I could see why she was so respected in her day. Once I became fluent in the instant verse style of writing, I released my first book.

My book Wishes sold well at open mic events and various vendor events, and it gave me the desire to write even more. I did a second collection, which was less well received, so I decided to take a different stance. As I stated earlier, I have been writing erotic short stories for a while now. Those were easy to do, because I have been a more than a decent storyteller since I was very young. So I took the strengths of that practice and combined it with my poetry to write and release my third collection.

I remember asking one of my very attractive friends if she would pose for the cover and she agreed. I think that picture alone sold the book, but she thinks otherwise. There was an interest in the words I had written, and that interest turned into a very effective word of mouth campaign. Desires did much better both at local events and on Amazon.com where it is published exclusively.

I knew in my heart that I could reach the full audience I desired nationally and even globally, but first I needed to figure out how to market to the most critical of readers; the women. To be honest, I am still figuring that out, but thanks to several writing communities on Twitter, I am fast finding out what I need to do in order to gain those readers.

Some of my peers have even taken pen names as a means to gather more readers. But my name is my brand, and I am determined to become successful on that merit alone. So far, so good. My newest release is a blend of my strengths. Storytelling via short erotic stories and a slew of erotic poems as well as a few seductive ideas for those want to take their intimate encounters a step further. As such, that is why I gave the book its name. I plan on continuing this poetic journey moving forward. I already have a theme for my next book. Something a bit tamer, but still attention grabbing. Stay tuned.

Encounters cover

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