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Write the characters in the dust


By Ray RizwanPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Write the characters in the dust
Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

In a forgotten corner, where time collects its rust,

There lies a tale untold, "Write the characters in the dust."

With gentle whispers of the wind, secrets gently waft,

As ancient voices beckon, memories of the past.

Take a step back in time, to a world long gone,

Where stories were woven, as the sun gently shone.

The characters, oh so vivid, their tales etched in clay,

In the tapestry of history, where dreams and hopes held sway.

A traveler's weary footprints, fading with each stride,

Leaving traces of a journey, that can no longer hide.

The lovers' stolen glances, forever intertwined,

Their passion immortalized, in the dust's delicate design.

Warriors in battle, their valor etched in stone,

Fierce battles fought and won, their legacy now known.

The laughter of children, echoing through the years,

A symphony of innocence, drowned in time's tears.

Oh, the stories held within, the dusty pages of the past,

Where legends come alive, as the shadows are cast.

Let the poet's pen be guided, by the whispers in the air,

As the characters come to life, in a dance beyond compare.

But heed this ancient wisdom, inscribed in every grain,

For time is a relentless thief, it spares none from its bane.

So read the characters carefully, before they fade away,

Capture their essence in your heart, forever they will stay.

For in this dusty tapestry, lies the essence of our kind,

The joys and sorrows intertwined, a tale that's left behind.

So cherish these forgotten words, embrace their sacred trust,

And with reverence in your heart, write the characters in the dust.

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