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Write It down

by David Graham about a year ago in inspirational
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A poem by David Graham

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

An idea, the path that leads

to the light,

a rainbow of red,

a rainbow of blue,

a rainbow of green,

of every colour in between,

ideas, the greatest beauty in life,

the one thing that can rid

the world of all the endless strife,

but there is one great fear,

the monster that is

the greatest foe of an idea,

a forgetful mind,

to an idea,

it is the enemy of the worst kind,

it chases ideas away,

have a plan to change your life,

a forgetful mind will chase it away,

have a plan to change the world,

a forgetful mind will chase it away,

that's why when you have an idea,

you must write it down,

do it now,

don't lose that idea,

stop what you're doing,

just write it down,

let its glorious colours

fill the pages,

bring to life that rainbow,

don't let it go,

follow it to its end,

whether it be on your phone,

on the back of an envelope,

in a notepad,

write it down, do it now,

don't lose that rainbow,

to let it go, to lose it,

to watch its colours drain away

before they could ever bring light

to your day,

the horror, the tragedy,

to lose that rainbow,

to not follow it,

to know that it could have changed your life,

but to have lost it

for lack of a paper and pen

the horror,

it's hard to comprehend,

how many great ideas are lost

stolen from us at the worst

of times,

ideas are what colour the soul,

red for love, blue for joy,

ideas are what bring colour to

those rainy days,

green for peace, yellow for heat,

ideas are what pierce

through the dark clouds

battering back the haze,

to lose it, to never get to use it,

to lose all its colours,

to lose all its beauty,

to never follow it out of the storm

to never follow it into the new day,

please just write it down,

don't let it go,

for don't you know,

if you do,

you may never experience

its wondrous colours

ever again, meaning your world

would be filled with nothing but

dark clouds and rain,

so don't let it go,

just get out your pen and paper

and follow that rainbow.

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About the author

David Graham

Due to injury I write using voice dictation software! Lover of psychology, science'y things, movies, fiction and self-improvement. From the north-east of England!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/DavidGraham86

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