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WOW Lyrics — C.R.O, Neo Pistea, Lucho SSJ, Obie Wanshot

WOW Lyrics — C.R.O,

By LauraPublished 12 months ago 1 min read

WOW lyrics

[Intro: C.R.O & Neo Pistea]

Wow, wow (Yeah-ah)

Jo-Jo-Jo-Jowa (Tony)

A-A-Arcones (Wow, wow)

guacho, guacho, guacho, guacho

oh wah wah

[Chorus: C.R.O & Neo Pistea]

I said "wow wow"

There are a couple of rappers who want to steal my flows, flow'

I like money, my baby dresses in Dior, Dior (She dresses in Dior)

In a high-end car I'm tinted at full throttle, wow (Oh, money)

my baby loves money

[Verse 1: Obie Wanshot & Neo Pistea]

She turns him on to see me jerk off, like in the era of the "whole" kilo

After billing it, to do all that I love the most

And the devil speaks to me like Paganini

And she's like the crack in Biggie's corner

I want that ass, mommy, flow Ivy

While he does a strip, I smoke Sticky Icky

While he does a strip, I smoke Sticky Icky

I live in a game like GTA

This one steals from us, this one too

This one doesn't do it so well

Wanshot, you can't believe it

The coins' begin to fall

We are where you see it turn on

Like wow, we stop selling (Bae, yeah)

[Verse 2: Neo Pistea]

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