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a story inspired by 5 senses

By Essence hivePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Catherine Kay Greenup on Unsplash

I see the world before me,

A canvas painted bright and bold,

Colors of every hue and shade,

A masterpiece that never grows old.

I hear the sounds around me,

A symphony of joy and peace,

Laughter, music, nature's choir,

A harmony that will never cease.

I smell the fragrant flowers,

Their perfume sweet and pure,

A fragrance that uplifts my soul,

A scent that helps me endure.

I taste the flavors on my tongue,

A delicious, savory feast,

A palate of culinary delights,

A flavor that's never least.

I touch the world around me,

Its textures soft and smooth,

A world of endless wonder,

A universe of which I approve.

These senses are a gift,

A connection to the world we know,

A reminder of our humanity,

A gift that helps us grow.

With joyful senses at our side,

We face the world with ease,

We find delight in every moment,

A life lived with such great ease.

So let us revel in these senses,

And let them fill us with delight,

For life is rich and full of wonder,

A gift we should hold tight.

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Essence hive

Hope you are all fine I am an 18-year-old student of ICMA International I Hope you all connect with my stories or articles

Hyderabad, PAKISTAN

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  • A.RKinG!5 months ago

    brother you nailed it

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