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World Below

The wonders of the sea await, are you brave enough?

By MICHAEL ROSS AULTPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

A world of rigid rules

and weightless freedom

where angles dance in pairs

and light is softened to blue with strident reds subdued

Where tanks of steel

hoses of rubber and skintight neoprene,

clumsy above

Translate into freedom and ease

Where turtles race gracefully

lumbering giants pirouette and sing

and clowns, surgeons, pipes

and trunks live in harmony

Where danger comes swift and deadly

to those not diligent or careless

right behind wonder

and even the death bringer has stark beauty and grace

Where you float in dancing sun beams

no earthly tethers binding

free to drift and watch the smallest perfect bit

or dance with leviathans or jesters called lions

Creatures strange float free

medusae caper with men-of-war

arms of eight reach to encircle prey

and skeletons are worn outside to protect sweet meat

nature poetry

About the Creator


I began writing at age 13. Short stories, novellas, poetry, and essays. I did journals while at sea on submarines. I wrote technical books for a decade before I went back to fiction. I love writing, photography, wood working, blacksmithing

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