Words that Trigger

by Sandy Yvette 2 months ago in heartbreak


Words that Trigger

Oh wow

What’s that, that you say?

No way

You said, “us”

Suddenly there’s trust?

What am I speaking of?

I’m fucking crazy?

Yeah maybe,

But let’s be honest baby

That money that you’re making will barely see my checking account

So don’t give me no lip with your bullshit because I’ve clearly had enough of it

Working hard now?

Oh, you’re tired?

That’s why you yell like if your ass is on fire?

Ha, I’m a liar?

Someone else must be there

You’re speaking strangely

But I stay quiet to avoid a riot

I ain’t mad if you trying to get friendly

Congratulations again on playing me

You go glen coco

And lately I cannot stand how you changed me

You’re toxic

Siri, please define narcissistic

I don’t mean to sound rude or too explicit

But I can never get through these specifics

The truth cannot help “us”

Instead you bash me, you can be quite the linguistic

I’m done listening

You’re egocentric and materialistic!!

Oh, but you’re never the problem

I’m just psycho and dramatic

An alcoholic and an addict

Put me to sleep and give me some NyQuil

This shit one day might kill

But not as slowly and seductive as the juice you pour out them bottles

I can’t chill around you always spazzing out on me because you’re projecting subconsciously

The problems you associate with my self,

Have began to sound a lot like a cry for help

Please don’t become The Boy Who Cried Wolf

For there’s always a day where you’ll need someone the most

Don’t make that mistake, for we’ll all be gone

But will you blame yourself at all?

The words you threw at me, recollected themselves over the years

You blew off the dust

There went my trust

You apologize and then criticize me right after

It feels like whiplash

I don’t know which way you’re going

And I have little interest in even knowing

I’ve transcended into rubber, and you, glue.

All that hurtful shit, easily reflects off you

As for me, I just want to be free

I won’t let you control me

I’m fighting against what society wants me to be and now I’m wrestling on the ground with you

My spirit tells me to breath

Let’s avoid situations where I’ll want to leave

You take some pleasure in embarrassing me

I guess I’ll be the adult

I don’t care to hear your thoughts

Am I wanting to date someone?

Why do I suddenly change on one?

I cannot bear to listen for another moment

You can’t treat people like shit and expect them to stay

I’m a dumbass, you said it, now I’ll be on my way

How does it work?
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