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Words of Welcome to the Cosmos

A Poem for Aliens

By jason muleyaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Words of Welcome to the Cosmos
Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

To meet an alien, strange and rare,

In realms beyond our earthly air,

I'd offer words both kind and wise,

To bridge the gaps 'beneath alien skies.

With open heart and open mind,

I'd greet them with a friendly find,

A cosmic handshake, warm and bright,

To welcome them into the night.

I'd say, "Hello, dear traveler of space,

From a distant, far-off human place,

Though different, we share this cosmic quest,

To explore the universe, do our best."

"Tell us of your world, your tales untold,

The mysteries your universe holds,

We come in peace, with open hearts,

To learn from you, where our journey starts."

"Let's share our knowledge, far and wide,

In unity, let our worlds collide,

With open minds and spirits bold,

Together, new frontiers we'll unfold."

"In our diversity, strength we find,

As two unique species intertwine,

To learn from one another's grace,

And make this universe a better place."

So, with these words, I'd hope to convey,

A message of friendship, come what may,

For in the cosmos vast and wide,

Together, we can reach the other side.

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